10 Gifts for a Dog Lover

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Pet owners like me are so obsessed with their pets that they are constantly on the look out for cool ideas to give their pups or their friends with pet. Here are 7 Pet Owner Gift Ideas that will make you and your friends smile. If you follow along with April Golightly, you must be familiar with my adorable Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy, Harrison Ford. He is my first child and my best buddy!

1. Orapup Starter Kit

Let’s face it, some dogs just have the worst breath no matter how hard you try. I’ve tried a lot of diffident things including spending a fortune to have Harrison Ford’s teeth cleaned at the Vet on top of the teeth cleanings I do at home. None of it helped his breathe!!
I found these Lickies that allow your dog to lick away their own bad breathe with the use of an Orapup Dog Breath Brush. It works great and I don’t have to force my pup to use it, he’s very interested in licking it off himself. The brush is made of a soft, micro-pointed bristles that reach deep down in the crevices of the dog’s tongue to remove stinky bacteria and the Lickies contains natural enzymes and anti-plaque benefits for improved oral health. You can see more about how it works on Orapup’s YouTUBE Channel. Get ready for more cuteness!



If you want to give the starter kit as a gift, you can make a cute gift basket with the products in a small tin. I have the little tin that I bought for Harrison next to the sink so that I don’t forget to give it to him. If you want to get really creative you can customize the tin for your pup or as a gift. Get a deal on the kit with promo code “DogGone25”. This promo code is good for 25% off of your next order (through June 15, 2015).

2. Cute Dog Collars

I am obsessing over Flamingos right now as are most of my fellow bloggers, this cute dog collar would be a perfect way to celebrate spring in style.
 Flamingo OUtfit
Outfit Details Here

3.  DIY Handkerchiefs for every month of the year

You can buy different prints for every month of year and make cute pet handkerchiefs with the help of this DIY Pet Scarf Tutorial.

harrison ford DIY

4. Homemade Dog Treats

You can put homemade doggy treats in a cute basket for your pet owner. Here is fun recipe for homemade oat and apple pretzels.

5. Personalized ID Tag

These personalized pet IDs are super stylish and cool! I need to get one for my pup!

6. Homemade Pet Toy

You can upcycle your old t-shirts by making them into a doggy toy. This is a great way not to spend money, but spend something more precious…time. Here is a cool DIY on how to make pet toys yourself.

7. On the Go Water Bottle

Dog Bowl Water Bottle

8. Pet Poem Pillow

Pet Poem Pillow and Pet Poem Bag

9. DIY Pet Playground

You can turn used kids playground equipment as a pet playground. If your pet cannot get up the ladder, you can make a dog ramp. Here is a tutorial on how to make a doggie ramp.
Now that I have shared 7 Pet Owner Gift Ideas, what are your gift ideas?

Sharing is caring!

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  1. Great gift ideas, April! We always get our pups gifts for Christmas each year, so I’ll to keep these in mind. Looks like Harrison Ford loved his Lickies, too! #client


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