7 Ways To Breathe New Life Into An Old Garden Shed

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The title of this blog post likely piqued your interest because you’ve got a garden shed in your backyard. However, the only problem is that your shed has seen better days and isn’t looking at its best!

You might think the only solution is to knock it down and buy another one. But, such an endeavor will cost a lot, and you must spend considerable time putting it together. What if there was a better way of having a usable and fresh-looking garden shed?

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The good news is that you can breathe new life into your old garden shed and improve the look of your outdoor space. Check out the following seven ideas for inspiration:

1. Cleaning And Repairs

Firstly, conducting necessary cleaning and repairs on your garden shed before renovating or remodeling makes sense. Many garden sheds are of wood construction, and if yours is several years old, it might show signs of rot.

Thankfully, it’s straightforward enough to repair any damaged wood on a garden shed, and the cost to carry out repairs is significantly cheaper than knocking the existing shed down and replacing it with a brand-new one.

If you’re a keen DIYer, you can complete any repairs yourself. Otherwise, consider hiring an experienced contractor to do the repairs on your behalf.

2. Painting

Once you’ve got a suitably sturdy and robust garden shed to work with, the next step is to consider painting it inside and out. Some people opt for exterior wood stain treatment, as it’s readily available in several popular colors.

Alternatively, you could paint your garden shed with exterior paint suitable for various surfaces, including wood. Always follow the instructions that come with your paint to ensure a satisfactory finish.

3. New Roof

The roof on your shed is likely made of wood – the same as the rest of its construction. However, that doesn’t mean you have to stick with a wood roof if you want to breathe new life into your garden shed.

For example, you could invest in clear corrugated roof sheeting from somewhere like Clear Amber Shop to allow natural sunlight to flood your garden shed while simultaneously providing a robust protective covering for it.

Another option might be to keep the wood roof and install a skylight to add natural light and ventilation.

4. New Flooring

Your garden shed must have a strong floor that can bear significant weight – especially if you plan on turning your shed into a garden office or recreational space. But what flooring options should you consider for your shed?

A reinforced wood base is fine for most uses. However, you could always convert your shed’s floor from wood into concrete for extra strength and added peace of mind – and you won’t need to dismantle your shed to complete such a conversion.

5. Shelving And Storage

Are you lucky enough to have a large garden shed – perhaps one that is more like an outdoor workshop than somewhere to store your gardening tools and accessories? If the answer is yes, configuring its internal space with shelving and storage options makes sense.

For example, you could install some drywall inside your garden shed, plaster over it for a seamless finish, and install some cheap yet stylish floating shelves from a company like IKEA.

Alternatively, you could create custom-made shelving and storage solutions that perfectly fit the space inside your garden shed and make optimal use of the provided space.

6. Let There Be Light (And Power!)

An excellent way to breathe new life into your old garden shed is by introducing lighting and electricity into it!

Whether you plan to use your shed for storage, recreation, or work, providing a reliable source of lighting and electricity makes sense. Moreover, you don’t even need to install long electrical cords from your house to make that happen.

Did you know you could install a solar panel on your shed roof to generate electricity for your lighting and power needs? You can even use natural light to illuminate the shed during the day and rechargeable battery-powered LED lights during hours of darkness!

7. Making Your Shed Feel Like Home

Lastly, an essential step to refreshing the look and feel of your garden shed is to decorate and personalize it. 

Simple touches like hanging paintings and mirrors from the walls and installing indoor houseplants will make your garden shed feel more homely and welcoming.

If your garden shed simply serves as a storage location for your gardening tools and equipment, you could add some vintage garden tools to boost your shed’s aesthetic charm.

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