How to Comfortably Navigate Small Home Living with Your Family

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For the most part, single-family homes are becoming smaller, a lot smaller. This even goes for newly built ones, such as houses or even apartments.

Small living isn’t exactly ideal, but it’s a lot cheaper, you pay less property taxes, and there’s also the aspect of energy efficiency. You could even see small homes as being more sustainable, too.

Sure, there are tiny homes if that’s up your alley, or even something like RV life, but the main focus is small homes like apartments and multi-bedroom homes that are just small in size. 

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Sometimes, these spaces feel too small for a couple, so you can probably imagine how crammed these can even get for a whole family.

Chances are, you can probably imagine the potential clutter and trying to find solutions like hiding wires and toys and looking for solid storage solutions. All of these are the reality of small living. 

Sure, it’s not always fun having to be selective with what you own or what you plan on doing with your things, but it’s how it goes.

So, with that said, you can still have a positive mindset while you and your family are living in this compact space. It’s nothing to worry about as you can still expect to live comfortably, all while maintaining a beautiful space.

So, how can you do that? How can you find that balance? Well, here’s what you need to know!

Make Use of Vertical Space

So, when you live in a large and wide space, it’s the horizontal space you’ll want to use up, but when it comes to small spaces, it’s the vertical space that’s going to be your best friend.

So make sure to make good use of this! Basically, this means to make use of your walls and anything vertically oriented, such as bookshelves. 

Plus, when it comes to vertical space, you can even think outside the box, too, such as using a shoe rack for wall rather than getting a long shoe bench (since those take up horizontal space). 

Sure, while the walls will look full, the floors won’t. This is going to massively help with walking around and navigating the home. In general, it’s just going to make the home look far more cleaned up and organized, too. So, if you live in a small home, use what vertical space you can!

Choose Multi-Functional Furniture

Small homes can’t really be managed with multiple pieces of furniture, and usually, for small homes, it’s usually a more open living plan, so the kitchen, dining, and living room are usually grouped together (usually but not always).

So, too much furniture is obviously not going to make it possible to move around the house, especially with a family. So that’s why it’s important to consider multi-functional furniture if you have the money for it. 

This could be a kitchen island that doubles as a bar/ dining area, a desk that extends to be a dining table or even one of those console tables that’s able to extend to be one too.

Benches with space for putting items in work, too, and nowadays, there are even couches and beds that allow for items to be placed inside. You need to get creative with your space, no matter the size of the family, and this is a great way to handle it all. 

Create Designated Zones

So, this is particularly important for families that have small children. Small children want to have essentially any space to be their space or at least be their play space, but it’s obviously not possible, especially when it comes to small homes.

So, for some of these spaces, it’s best to create small designated zones. The same could even be said for families that have bigger kids, too. 

Zones just have a way of keeping everything more organized and less chaotic. For instance, reserve a corner for a cozy reading nook, a part of the living room for playtime, and a dining area for meals. In general, clearly defined zones help maintain order and make the space feel larger.

Experiment with Your Furniture Arrangement

While not every home is going to be able to do this, if your home has some flexibility, you should absolutely give this a shot. So, you can definitely expect it to help if you give yourself the chance to experiment with different furniture arrangements to find the most efficient and space-saving layout.

Rearranging furniture periodically can breathe new life into your home and adapt to changing family needs. You never know when you’ll find an arrangement that’s not only aesthetically pleasing but super practical for your small home, too. 

Rotate Toys and Possessions

So, when it comes to small living, one thing that you should always consider is rotation. Chances are, you know about rotating your clothes through different seasons; the same can technically be said about home decor, too, so the concept is similar. Store some items out of sight and periodically switch them with those currently in use. This approach keeps things fresh, reduces clutter, and maximizes space.

Embrace Minimalism 

At the end of the day, when you live in a small space, you’ll absolutely need to embrace having less. In small spaces, less is more, and it’s better that way too. Adopting a minimalist lifestyle can be particularly beneficial in a small home.

If you think about it, you’ll be emphasizing quality over quantity and choosing furnishings and decorations that bring joy and purpose to your space and the lives of your family. 

This approach not only creates a visually appealing environment but also reduces the need for excess storage. It’s indeed a lifestyle within itself, and it’s something that’s not only going to take away clutter in your home, but it can even help declutter your mind, too. 

While living in small homes isn’t particularly ideal, it’s just how things need to go, and with that said, anyone can manage this. Sure, it’s going to require some creativity, organization, and a willingness to embrace simplicity.

By decluttering, maximizing space, and adopting a minimalist mindset, you can create a comfortable and harmonious living environment for your loved ones. Just remember that it’s not about the size of your home but the love and connection you share within it!

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