I Ain’t Afraid of No Ghosts!

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I ain’t afraid of no ghosts, but I’d rather wear a costume referencing pop culture.  Halloween has always been a means for me to express my creativity. Normally, I guard my Halloween costume choice until the final unveiling on Halloween.  I literally (properly defined) start planning for the holiday starting on November 1 every year always keeping my eyes open for fashion that can be used as a costume.  Alas, this Halloween I will not be able to dress up so I get to share my ideas with my readers.  This year I found an incredible blue dress that screamed Alice In Wonderland.  With the right bow headband, tights, and a blonde wig, you’ll look hot and stylish!

You can buy my dress  here on i-ella.com.

My past favorites are Smurfette, She-Ra, Joan Halloway from Mad Men (which I am also selling on i-ella.com), and Christina Aguliera from the Moulin Rouge music video.

Happy Hallow-Stylin!


P.S. A little note on the awesomeness that is i-ella.com here.

Sharing is caring!

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