Do All Day Comfortable Shoes Exist?!

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All Day Comfortable Shoes

I am member of the Rockport Inner Circle and samples were provided as part of the program. As always, all opinions are my own.

As part of the #RockportChallenge, I am assessing my shoe situation or lack thereof. I try to wear shoes all day long, but there is not shoe that can hold up to my busy life. I truly put shoes to the test starting my day at 7 AM and ending it some days at midnight. I usually bring several pairs of shoes with me so that I am not limping the next day. Also, as a fashion blogger there is a ton of pressure to look awesome all the time and certain shoes just don’t make the fashionable cut.

Navajo Print Platform Sandals Shoes with Ankle Strap with black tweed and radiant orchid nail polish

I reach for my comfortable shoes when I am doing a ton of shopping. I’ve been shopping several times and been so uncomfortable that I purchase flip flops at the store that I was shopping in. I can think of 2 recent times in Target and Marshalls. Being in pain and needing to buy shoes is the definition of impulse shoe purchases. I hate when this happens because my shoe purchases are usually extremely calculated and carefully considered.


Apparently, it only takes 66 minutes for the average woman to state that their feet hurt in a pair of heels. I could see that being the case for some heels. I have so many beautiful shoes that kill my feet and just sit in my shoe closet collecting dust. It makes me sad. Shoes are my favorite accessory by far and it would be nice to wear all the shoes that I own.


Have you found shoes that are comfortable all day long?

Sharing is caring!

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