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Lindsay Butter here to explore some amazing clothes that are bound to hit the racks at one of my guilty pleasures: Target (Tarjayyy to most of us). I mean who doesn’t want to shop somewhere that you go the buy laundry detergent and you end up with a bikini, shoes and a purse. I happened to live within 1 mileof the Delray Beach location so it can be difficult avoiding the temptation.

Joseph Altuzarra’s (@AltuzarraStudio) line simply named Altuzarra is set to drop September 14, 2014. Just as he has named the line, I would also describe his looks as simplistically trendy. He claims to offer transformative fashion, in that his clothes can change not only how you look but also how you feel.

Screen Shot 2014-09-07 at 9.09.20 PM

Flipping through his lookbook I would say that nothing immediately jumps out at me and no piece outshines another, however I admire the interchangeably of all the pieces and these looks could really be utilized by any woman. I see several looks that could help any business woman spruce up their office look.

Target Altuzarra

This is my favorite!

Snake AltuzarraI already love pencil skirts but this playful python print takes an otherwise drab suit and makes someone the hip chick in the office that everyone is talking about. This chick can also go directly out after work for some cocktails and not even think about stopping home. Of course the collar underneath can be traded in for a sleek earth tone silky tank to make the look a little sexier and leave some more breathing room.

Overall I think this look says “I’m serious about what I do but I can add a little bit of flare to anything I take on.”

The next piece I want to highlight is this crane sweater.

Altuzarra Gold Sweater

I love the oversize sweater look, and especially the color choice in black and gold. There is something sort of majestic about the oversize birds and the placement of them hugging the shoulders. I would probably pair this sweater with black liquid leggings and a similar shoe choice and a few gold bangles and or earring studs to make the cranes pop out. Either way this look certainly demonstrates a girl that can be stylish without shouting it from the rooftops.

Who wouldn’t love this maxi dress!

Altuzarra Maxi dress

Either a fancy event or a night out on the town, this piece accentuates a woman’s sexy features without over-exposing. I would add a long dangle earring, either blingy for something upscale or lengthy multichain for a casual outing.

These two pieces are used all throughout Altuzarra’s lookbook. I love them both. Certainly they could pair together or be worked separately into any woman’s existing wardrobe. It’s really hard to find an affordable over the knee boot, but for $79.99 anyone who’s always wanted to own a pair to make even jeans looks more daring, they can do so now at Target.

Altuzarra knee high boot altuzarra belt

My last and favorite piece in this modestly luxurious collection would be this.

Altuzarra red suit

Love. Love. Love. This speaks to the artsy tomboy inside me. I always love when I see velvet but it’s really hard to pull off. But here, even if this tuxedo suit was worn in separate pieces, it adds a regal and artistic punch to any outfit. I did say earlier that nothing really jumps out at me at first glance but this would have to be my favorite look because it’s certainly the most adventurous. I still do think that you can breakdown this look and pair with pieces from his other sets.

Screen Shot 2014-09-07 at 9.10.48 PM

Happy Shopping Ladies!

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