Toys for a 13 Month Old

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Toys for a 13 Month Old

My daughter is 13 months old. Can you believe how quickly time flies by? She is a little walking machine that has left some of her old smaller toys behind for bigger toys like the Cozy Coupe. The age on the Cozy Coupe says that it starts at 18 months. I have not been purchasing toys based on the age range. I supervise my daughter at all times and let her play with things that I believe that she is ready for. She loves to get in and out of  the Cozy Coupe and laughs and smiles while I push her around the house in the car. Does this count as working out? It sure feels like a work out!


Princess Cozy Coupe -1616 Princess Cozy Coupe -1615 Princess Cozy Coupe -1606 Princess Cozy Coupe -1602 Princess Cozy Coupe -1598 Princess Cozy Coupe -1595 Princess Cozy Coupe -1594 Princess Cozy Coupe -1585

The next thing that she has been using non-stop are musical instruments from Melissa & Doug called Band in a Box. Her faves are the maracas and the tambourine. This is recommended for 4 Years and up, but I bought it anyway. I put aside the triangle for later use as I felt like it was not safe for her yet. The rest of the instruments provide her with hours of musical fun. I showed her how to use the tambourine and she immediately mimicked what I was doing.

13 month old baby toys-1940 13 month old baby toys-1941 Baby Musical Insturments-1939

The next toy that she is loving and all her friends love when they come over is the little baby sized shopping cart from Melissa & Doug, It looks like a real shopping card and I have still not been able to know the the thing over. It is made so well. She loves pushing it around and shopping for food and stuff around the house.

Baby Shopping Cart-1996 Baby Shopping Cart-1999

Marvel Little Girls Outfit-1469 Marvel Little Girls Outfit-1470

I bought some fruit and veggies to use with the cart from Learning Resources. It is called the Farmers Market Color Sorting Set. It came with 25 realistic looking foods, baskets, and stickers for labeling 5 baskets red, yellow, orange, green and purple! Right now, we are just playing with the fruits and veggies, but eventually we’ll be sorting them by color and counting them. I cannot wait! I might even start just doing it myself and just telling her that the purple eggplant goes into the purple basket. 🙂

Fruit Color Toys-2019 Fruit Color Toys-2020 Fruit Color Toys-2028

We have been watching the new Strawberry Shortcake episodes lately which is a nice break from Barney. She loves Barney and I can only take so much of it! Strawberry Shortcake has a plot and I have continued watching the show even after she leaves the room or goes down for a nap. I want to know what happens in Berry Bitty City! It’s intriguing.

Strawberry Shortcake DVD Review-1964 Strawberry Shortcake DVD Review-2022 Strawberry Shortcake DVD Review-2023

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