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Anushka Salon & Spa is the first spa that I have visited in a while that impressed the pants off me. Founder of Anushka Salon & Spa, Anushka believes in personal service, and it is obvious in speaking with her and everyone that works for her. Anushka listened to my concerns and gave me a game plan to deal with my struggle with being a new mom and a fashion blogger that needs to look good for photo shoots like the one I am doing for Fashion for a Cause and Bloomingdale’s this week.

Anushka Salon & Spa ReviewAnushka created a boot camp that helps women slim down and banish cellulite from their body.  Anushka is an accredited nutritionist and founder of the Anushka Cosmedical Centre, Spa, Salon & Cellulite Clinics. She is extremely easy to talk to and understands how to make women feel better inside and out. She put together a very specific meal plan for me where I have already lost 3 pounds in just over a week. My husband has been eating the same foods that were recommended for me, and he has lost 9 pounds in the same time period. The main focus of the plan is always coupling carbs with fiber. She has also come up with recipes that are available on

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Anushka specialty is her cellulite clinic. The clinic utilizes many treatments including, Triactive, Smoothshapes, Presso-Jet, Thermo-Jet, and Wraps. Since I am breast-feeding, I was only able to try the seaweed wrap, make dietary changes, and add simple exercises to my daily routine. I have not started the exercises as I am still recovering from my c-section and really don’t want to push myself too hard.


Before meeting Anushka, I received an amazing facial where the aesthetician really delved into my pores and cleared them out. Also, everyone was just so nice. I had to pump before my facial and everyone was so accommodating to my needs! Even with the breast feeding, I was able to get the Anushka’s De-Aging Facial and Dr. Gross Peel. Also, I came out of the service looking amazing. Those that get facials know how rare that is!

Anushka Post Facial

I know all of this sounds extremely expensive, but with Spa Week’s Fall 2013 Event just around the corner, you can definitely afford to pamper yourself.  Spa Week’s Fall event goes from October 14th – October 20th. Spa Week is a bi-annual and nationwide event. Every April and October, hundreds of spa and wellness locations across North America discount two to three full-service spa treatments to just $50 each!!!  All you have to do is sign up on the Spa Week website, select your state, pick your $50 treatment, and then book your appointment! It is so easy!

Anushka Spa Week Review

Anushka is also providing 2 other treatments for $50 available from October 14th to October 20th. The 50 Min Pumpkin Spice Body Buff and Anushka’s Signature Brazilian Bikini Wax. You will feel like a million bucks after visiting Anushka. She really knows how to treat you! P.S. There is free valet so minus the parking stress out of your spa experience! Lastly, there is some awesome shopping on site as well. I really did not want to leave!

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