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I cannot believe it is already back to school for my little munchkin! We’ve had an amazing summer filled with lots for swimming and outdoor fun! Now, we are getting ready for Back to School!

Princess Sofia Shirt

I started getting ready for back to school with recipes on packing lunch for my munchkin. Then, I ordered everything personalized to make it easier for the teachers to keep track of her items. I don’t want to lose anything!
After that I went shopping for some inexpensive clothing that can be beaten to death at school without any worries on my part.
sofia shirt
Of course, I have to capture all the cuteness on my handy Panasonic LUMIX G7. The Camera allows you to choose “that moment” from 4K Ultra HD Video taken at up to 30 breathtaking frames-per-second, and extract it as an 8-megapixel still image you can share with built-in Wi-Fi. I have tried to get screen shots of videos on other cameras and it is just blurry and poor quality even with very high-end DSLR cameras and crazy expensive video cameras.

Capturing the winning basket at our kid’s game, or the precise moment the cousins jump off the dock for the first swim of the summer eludes us when using our smartphones.

The lightweight Panasonic LUMIX G7, however, allows us to capture the moment while enjoying it, and ensures we’ll achieve the perfect shot every time. The camera also has Exclusive DFD Focusing for fast and precise auto focusing that tracks the subject! The camera focus chases the kids automatically so you don’t have to do it manually!

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