Outdoor Play Date Party Plan

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This post was sponsored on behalf of CLIF Kid via One2One Network. All opinions stated are my own. Outdoor Play Date Party Plan

Summer is so much more fun when you have can see kids having fun! The heat seems to melt away when you put together a combination of great snacks, cool parents, awesome activities and some much-needed shade.

Sugar Sand Park Family Pavillion

Sugar Sand Park Carousel

I started planning the party using The CLIF Kid Play Hub. CLIF Kid is committed to encourage families to feed their adventure and discover new frontiers in the great outdoors. Outdoors can be anything from your local parks, your backyards, and even city sidewalks. The CLIF Kid Play Hub provides ideas and tools for parents and communities to support outdoor play! I’m all for outdoor play even during the hottest days of summer. I put together ideas for play with the help of the Hub that kept the kids engaged and cool in the summer.

Sponge Bombs DIY

Sponge bombs tutorial

It was great being about to co-host a Come Out to Play – Date with my friend, Jen of The Rebel Chick. The goal of the event was to get local kids outdoors!


I started the planning with a large shelter/pavillion at a local park called Sugar Sand Park. This gave a shaded were with picnic tables and a wide open play area that is not covered. There is also an awesome carousel that my daughter cannot get enough of.


I used the pavillion shade to host both a chalk drawing area, the food drinks, and a painting station.

P1080067 P1080054-2 P1080079

P1080101 P1080012

Painting Station Items
Washable Paint
Painting Smocks
Roll of Butcher Paper
Paint Brushes
Water Cups

P1080185 P1080140 P1080132

In the wide open are of the park attached to the pavillion, I made a splash area with plastic containers and homemade sponge bombs. I got this idea from the Clif Hub. All you need for this splash area are Sponges, rubber bands, several buckets, and small water guns that I purchased all at the dollar store the night before the party.


For the food & beverages, I served the new CLIF Kid products, fruits, water, sparkling water, and juice pouches. The food was a big hit. The only fruit that I would skin next times is apples or I would just provide them whole instead of cut up.


CLIF Kid makes nutritious snacks for kids’ growing bodies with no high fructose corn syrup, synthetic preservatives or artificial flavors.

Clif Kids Bars

CLIF Kid Zbar is an organic baked whole grain snack made with a nutritious blend of complex carbohydrates, three grams of fiber, and three grams of protein to maintain kids’ energy.P1080036

Zbar Protein
CLIF Kid Zbar Protein is a nutritious and delicious snack made with organic whole grains and 5 grams of protein for kids’ growing bodies.

CLIF Kid Zfruit is a tangy twisted fruit rope that is an excellent source of vitamin C and doesn’t need to be washed, cored, seeded, cut or refrigerated before eating – making it easy for kids to eat organic fruit snacks anytime, anywhere.

Zfruit + Veggie
CLIF Kid Zfruit + Veggie is a tangy, chewy organic fruit and veggie snack that is an excellent source of vitamin C, a good source of fiber and makes snack time fun with its peelable twisted ropes.


Show us how your family plays this summer by using the hashtag #OutToPlay!

How do you make time for outdoor play every day?

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