6 Stylish Backyard Ideas on a Budget

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Backyard season is coming and for those of us in Sunny South Florida, it is pretty much here! I have been waiting impatiently to start spending more time outdoors. Once the time changed happened, I began pushing for more walks and playtime outdoors after work and school.

Our backyard goes into dormancy ever year when the sun sets super early. I hate when the days are short, and we don’t get to spend afternoons outdoors. Now that the weather is better, and the pool is warming up, I have started pulling weeds daily and shopping for backyard accessories and decor.

Backyard Ideas on a Budget-3604Flameless Lanterns

Flameless Lanterns make it easy to have extra mood lighting in your backyard. I love that you don’t have to worry about knocking them over. Also, who wants extra heat from a real candle when it is already warm outside? Since I have a toddler, I feel like the flameless lanterns make the most sense for my yard.

Backyard Ideas on a Budget-3628Backyard Ideas on a Budget-3601

Backyard Ideas on a Budget-3740Small Tables

Small tables make the backyard so much more functional. I bought a bunch of lounge chairs last year, but they are just not useful without a small table next to them. I found durable tables at Big Lots for only $14! I chose the plastic wicker tables because they are more durable. I almost bought the tempered glass tables, but I have a toddler and a crazy puppy that like to knock stuff over!

Backyard Ideas on a Budget-3658

Backyard Ideas on a Budget-3652Plastic Pitcher

You can serve water and drinks outside with a larger pitcher made out of plastic so that you don’t have to worry about broken glass outdoors.

Backyard Ideas on a Budget-3617 Backyard Ideas on a Budget-3614 Backyard Ideas on a Budget-3613Plastic Cups

A plastic pitcher this cute needs sweet glasses to go with them. I matched the cups, pitcher, and towels to one of the lanterns that I found at Big Lots. Turquoise is a natural choice for spring. It is easy to find so you will not have trouble matching items.

Backyard Ideas on a Budget-3684 Backyard Ideas on a Budget-3695 Backyard Ideas on a Budget-3696

Planters Pots

Planters bring a little extra style to your plants. I love placing them around the pool to give a nice extra accent. I like using mother in law tongue around the patio because they are low maintenance and barely ever lose their leaves. You don’t have to worry about leaves falling off into the pool.

Backyard Ideas on a Budget-3763

Backyard Ideas on a Budget-3756

How to Plant Stylish Plants

Mother in Law’s Tongue (aka Viper’s Bowstring Hemp) is easy to plant and care for.

Backyard Ideas on a Budget-3750First, I filled the pots almost half way with rocky sand from my front yard. It makes the pot heavier so that they don’t tip over.

Backyard Ideas on a Budget-3747Next, I put a layer of potting soil into the pot.

Then, I turned the pot on its side and pulled out the entire plant.

Backyard Ideas on a Budget-3754

Using a sharp knife to cut through the thick roots and pot each clump standing straight up.

Add potting soil around the plant covering the plants and the roots.

You can also propagate Mother in Law’s Tongue with leaf cuttings. Cut the leaf into 2-inch pieces and place them right side up (the way they were growing) in moist perlite or cactus potting mix.

Backyard Ideas on a Budget-3773
Stylish Towels

My chaise cushions need to be replaced, but instead of getting new ones this week, I bought large stylish towels. You can quickly make large towels into Lounge Chair Towel Cover with this DIY tutorial.

Backyard Ideas on a Budget-3645I was shopping at my local Big Lots looking for pots for backyard. As I was shopping, I came across the seasonal outdoor section. I found a bunch of flameless lanterns that were classic and elegant looking. They looked so expensive, but were reasonably priced! The Big Lots employees helped me get the planter pots off the top shelf. The shopping experience was extremely pleasant! I ended up buying a few cute bowls and outdoor plastic pitcher and cups.  Big Lots carries extremely high-quality outdoor décor items, including patio furniture & even gazebos. They even had those hanging swing chairs that I am obsessed with right now. Styles and assortment may vary by store. Big Lots has a ton of Backyard Ideas that you can grab on a budget.

img_0907.jpg img_0904.jpg

Now that I have shared my backyard ideas, what ideas do you have for your backyard this coming spring? Any ideas on way to save money on making your backyard awesome?

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7 thoughts on “6 Stylish Backyard Ideas on a Budget”

  1. Your garden looks great! We have just had a new patio laid so now it is my turn to do the fun part and dress it up a bit.

  2. I love Big Lots, and I’m so ready for yard-shopping! Thanks for sharing, your back yard looks great! Love the towel idea….cushions are so expensive! 🙂

  3. I am visiting you from AKA Design Weekend Retreat and am so glad I found you. Love your blog and your affordable outdoor decor ideas. Going to take my first visit to Big Lots this week! Thanks for the great tips…and new shopping spot to check out!

  4. We also made outdoor lighting for ourselves, and in the evenings it looks just incredible. You can view the work of our electrician. This is not only an incredibly beautiful accent, but also the security of your home


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