Barcelona in a Velvet Jacket and Polka Dot Shorts

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Another lovely day in Barca (that is what the Catalan’s call it here) with amazing weather and art by Antoni Gaudi.  Today we saw the Sagrada Familia that is perpetually under construction as it was never finished by Mr. Gaudi.  Apparently, there are been a ton of recent improvements. I would not know about these improvements as the last time I was in Barcelona, I was unable to get over to this Church. Finished or not, it is gorgeous!  The ceiling and pillars combined with stained glass look like a forest canopy.  It is truly breathe taking.

I chose to wear my Club Monaco polka dot shorts today with black tights from the Gap.  Luckily, my black motorcycle boots by Nine West continued to be comfortable. Flat boots were an important investment for this trip as I am embracing my height these days for the sake of my fiance and my feet.  My top is cashmere with cap sleeves and a turtle-neck from Banana Republic that I got on sale a few seasons ago.  I threw on a cropped velvet sweater-jacket that I found at Good Will for 8 bucks. It seems like it would have went over a formal dress at one point, but it worked well as a layer because I peeled it off several times and stuffed it in my Le Pliage Long Champ bag.

Happy Vay-Kay!

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