Bauble Bar Summer Picks

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I have been loving Bauble Bar for quite some time and have been wearing tons of their bracelets with my everyday outfits. (30 Weeks Pregnant, It’s Still Hot Here: Ikat Shorts, Cut Off Shorts for Date Night, Fall Equestrian, and Relax with Nautical Stripes) I am trying to decide what my next purchase from Bauble Bar will be. I found a bunch of cute pieces that I am dying to buy. Let me know which Bauble Bar piece is your fave.

April Golightly’s Bauble Bar Summer Picks

The Neon Alaqua Bib would look great with neutrals. Spice up a white t-shirt and jeans, an LBD, and a little white dress. I can even see it mixing well with beige and the military look.

turquoise warrior

(Neon Alaqua Bib)

The Cerise Arrowhead Collar will look great with a white shirt and jeans as well. I would use it to spice up work wear and suits.

bauble bar necklace

(Cerise Arrowhead Collar)

The long lariat works great to elongate the body making you look thinner. I love the mix of the monogram necklace and the lariat together. Instead of an arm party, this is a neck party. Bauble Bar does a great job of showing you how to layer their jewelry.

initials necklace

(Iced Gold Lariat Necklace) (Medium Block Monogram Necklace) (Large Block Monogram)

Black and White high contrast was super hot on the runway this Spring. This mosaic bib will look great with black or white and all other color tops. It will also look great with my new black and white wedges.

black and white necklace

(Two-Tone Mosaic Bib)

Green is so hot right now because emerald green is Pantone Color of the Year and I just love wearing it.  I want to pair this with my twitter name plate and mint skinny jeans.

green bauble bar bib

(Celadon Sunburst Bib)

Arm parties are still huge and I am loving the dragon bracelet. It reminds me of Game of Thrones and is named after one of the characters. With the monogram and name plate bracelet this would be a great god arm party.

bauble bar bracelet(Gold Khaleesi Bracelet) (Adjustable Ella Bangle by Sarah Chloe) (Ciela Bangle by Sara Chloe)

Here are a few other necklaces that I am loving! I want to pile these with some other necklaces in my jewelry wardrobe. The state one is my fave, but I cannot decide on a color. I want Florida in every color. They can place a heart or star where ever you want. I would probably put it on Boca Raton as that is now my town, but I was considering putting on Miami and getting it in green for University of Miami. This would be an awesome college gift or even college graduation gift. Wish I had found it when I was looking for a graduation gift for my sister last year. I bought her a Tory Burch wrap bracelet instead.

fave necklaces

(Daisy Chain Collar) (Acrylic State Pendant) (Silver Equilateral Collar)


Which Bauble Bar pieces do you think I should buy?

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