Be My Puppy Valentine

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we named the dog harrison ford april golightly gifts Harrison Ford is my son and Valentine. HF is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who just brightens everyday of my life. In appreciation for the love he gives me, I decided to get a him a pillow for Valentine’s Day. Truth be told the pillow is not for him, it is actually for my mom. She is a proud grandmother that tries to steal my son every chance she gets. Perpetually Yours Pets has allowed me to have HF in 2 places at once.  With the amazing creative skills of the founder of PYP, Ms. Rachael was able to effectively “clone” my puppy. PYP captured the essence of my Harrison Ford.  My mom loved the custom pillow almost as much as she loves HF.  When my mom has a sleep over with the real HF, we are now trading off the pillow for the puppy. It is unbelievable how much the pillow HF looks like the real HF.

The Real HF

puppy valentine - we named the dog harrison ford april golightly

The Detail is Fabulous!

april golightly pillow perpetually yours pets aprilgolightly


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