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Beauty is something that comes from within and shines through your skin. Have ever met someone that becomes more attractive as you get to know them? That is their true beauty showing through.

Walgreens and Dove Want You to Share Your Real Beauty with #BeautyIs. Here is the selfie that I shared for the #BeautyIs contest.


Everyone with a camera phone is doing it, but the motivation behind posting a selfie is usually self-serving. Walgreens and Dove want to encourage women and girls to use their selfies for good and show what #BeautyIs, means to them with any type of picture below.

• A self-portrait that captures your natural beauty
• A picture that shows you sharing a positive moment with someone else
• An image that shows you giving back
• A picture that portrays your overall personality UNI_WAG_Dove_SelflessSelfie_Asset1[10][2][1] (1)

Dove and Walgreens are committed to building positive self-esteem and inspiring all women and girls to reach their full potential and acknowledge that beauty is defined in many different ways.


It’s easy to participate. Just share what #BeautyIs to you on Instagram or Twitter. Visit DoveShareYourBeauty.com to see what other people are sharing.

Sharing is caring!

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