Because Moments

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Sometimes when I bring my daughter to Music Toddler Time Class, she gets very clingy and forgets how to be social and wants mommy. She hangs on to me for dear live and will not let me put her down for the first thirty minutes of class. This is not so bad when the class is doing circle time, but when it is time to stand up and run around, I have to stand up and run around with an extra 30+ pounds of child hanging on me. This is my most common Because Moment.


My other Because Moments come when I have friends coming over and spend hours cleaning the house, when I garden for longer than I should, sitting at stadium in uncomfortable seats, when I hit the gym too hard, when I sleep wrong and can’t move my neck, and so many more that I cannot think of right at this moment. Ahhh…got another one! My Because Moment that I know is coming up is related to Christmas Shopping!

Kate Spade Sawgrass Shopping-1326

Because moments happen every day! Life can be tough and your body works hard for you. You should take care of it! Massage Envy helps you take care of you through every ache, pain and stress. Total body care is an integral part of everyone’s wellness journey. Massage Envy is dedicated to helping their members and guests achieve total body care.

This video shows off some Because Moments that other people have like flying in a tight chair, completing a DIY building project, thinking your a dance machine, sitting in weird position…you name it…it can cause aches and pain.

Treating your body the way it deserves to be treated shouldn’t be a luxury! I don’t treat it as such either. If I am in pain, I head out to get a massage. If my husband complains about his neck, back or whatever hurting, I schedule him a massage appointment without a second thought. My mom stands all day working retail, her because moments definitely come every day. Understanding the need to unwind and refresh is an integral part of keeping yourself healthy.

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