Bella Reina Spa – West Palm Beach Spa With Upcoming Specials You Can’t Miss!

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If you are looking for a West Palm Beach Spa, you need to put Bella Reina Spa on your list. They are focused on holistic and natural beauty and wellness. Their passion for the earth and animals is unmatched. October 2018 is a perfect time to check them out because they have some amazing packages for Spa & Wellness month



West Palm Beach Spa – Bella Reina Spa Specials

One of the best feelings in the world is treating yourself to a spa day. You deserve it! And when I am in West Palm Beach, I love going to Bella Reina Spa. I am so excited to tell you all about their 3 specials during Spa and Wellness Month.


Each special is only $99 and for each Pink Wellness treatment booked, $5 will go toward the American Cancer Society to support Breast Cancer Awareness. In support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, all participating businesses in Spa and Wellness Month will donate a portion of their proceeds to the Palm Beach County chapter of the American Cancer Society.  Thanks to the efforts from participating Partners, last year $5,358.43 was raised for the Palm Beach County chapter of the American Cancer Society. Let’s beat it this year! 

“Crystal-Free” Microdermabrasion Facial

The first special that I am really excited about is the microdermabrasion facial. It’s valued at $213, so at $99 it is a fantastic deal. Plan for the facial to last an hour.


Microdermabrasion Facial

All the photos in the post were taken by Jenn Scott Photography. Thank you!! 

What is Microdermabrasion?

Typical microdermabrasion is a facial that uses a spray of microcrystals to loosen dead skin cells and exfoliate the face.

Bella Reina’s “crystal-free” microdermabrasion is different. Instead of the spray of microcrystals, they use an ultrasonic peeling technology instead. They have a handpiece spatula that vibrates at 27,000 per second to force the dead skin cells and skin debris to loosen.

Wellness Massage Ritual

The second special is their Wellness Massage Ritual. Not only is the message exactly what you need to relieve all the stress you carry, but this one is extra amazing. It’s worth $159, but you can experience it for only $99.

This massage uses organic massage crème rich in Arnica, Vitamin E, and chamomile. And if this muscle therapy wasn’t enough, you get to finish off with Pink Peppermint oil foot massage.

Pink Pedicure

The third and final Spa and Wellness month special is the Pink Pedicure – and I think this is my favorite one of all.

This pedicure is worth about $149. So if you have ever wanted to try a spa pedicure, take advantage of this amazing deal.

This is unlike any other pedicure! First, you get to experience the heavenly Pink Himalayan Salt Milk soak. It’s like a facial, but for your feet. After your feet are nice and soaked, there is a baking soda scrub, a 30% lactic acid peel, and a secret lemongrass callus remover. Your feet will feel brand new!

It all finishes with a keratin foot (and hands) treatment and a silky milk mud mask. This is my favorite because, at the end of this hour-long heavenly pedicure, you’ll feel like a queen.

Where To Find This West Palm Beach Spa

Bella Reina Spa is located right off of George Bush Boulevard in Southern Florida. If you are spending time in West Palm Beach, make time to treat yourself to one of the luxurious specials during Spa and Wellness month.

Palm Beach Bloggers

If you know anyone in southern Florida, let them know about these amazing deals! There are lots of other cruelty-free beauty experiences they offer too. Bella Reina reigns as the best spa in West Palm Beach. Don’t treat yourself to anything less.

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