Best White Elephant Gifts Under $50

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I am already starting my Christmas shopping at Shopbop with gifts under $50 for upcoming white elephant parties. These are the best white gifts under $50 that everyone will be fighting over (in a good way)!

Cute Makeup Bag

I go through makeup bags like crazy and always need a new cute one. These Le Sport Sac bags last the longest!

Le Sport Sac Leopard Cute Stud Earrings



Coffee Table Book

A cool coffee table book that is also a business guide is a fun gift!


Instagram Famous Book

Champagne Please

This cute little novelty gift is perfect for a fun desk!

Champagne Please

Cute Magnets

These adorable magnets are colorful and full of fun ideas!


Kate Spade Magnets

Flamingo Loves Unite!

This cute wine opener is a must for white elephant gift exchange! I know all my friends will be fighting for this one! It’s only $12 so you can bring a bottle of wine with it to make a white elephant budget.

Flamingo Wine Opener


Sharing is caring!

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