BIC Soleil GLOW Razor Review

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BIC Soleil GLOW Razor Review 

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:: Blouse: Morroccan-style print, Elodie from TJMAXX (somewhat similar here and here and here) ::
:: Bubble shorts: American Apparel (similar here) ::
:: Shoes: Black Patent Leather Wicker Wedges – BCBG; purchased at Off Fifth Sacks Fifth Avenue Outlet (similar here) ::
:: Earrings: Morroccan – style, Lucky Brand  (similar here) ::
:: April’s Outfit Details here ::

Okay, this is going to sound horrible, but I didn’t shave my legs for nearly four weeks! Yikes! Why would I do such a crazy thing, you may be wondering? Because I was patiently awaiting and anticipating the arrival of my new BIC Soleil GLOW Razors which finally found their way to my doorstep :)) When my newest razors arrived, they came in the prettiest packaging of three razors in pastel colors pink, green, and purple (this is the standard packaging)…perfect for summer! And, believe you me, I was all too ready after nearly a month of non-shaving to get my gams smoothed and short-, mini skirt-, and beach-ready. Needless to say, I immediately jumped into the shower…lol

I lathered up my legs with my current shave cream, Gillette Satin Care with a Touch of Olay Sensitive shave gel, grabbed the GLOW razor, and gave it a go! The razor has three flexible blades that individually adjust and move very nicely along the curves of my legs. For me, the lubricated strips with Vitamin E and Aloe was a really nice bonus to these razors, especially since I have sensitive skin that loves to be pampered. It also provides a pivoting head with rubber grip for ultimate comfort. And, the patented Comfort Shield head “evenly distributes pressure and glides over the skin for a silky, smooth shave. This helps protect the skin from irritation, which, along with glide, is one of the most important attributes for women when selecting a razor”. So with summer in full swing, I say grab your pack of Soleil GLOW Razors, lather up, shave, and flaunt those smooth, silky, sexy gams all over the place!

BIC Soleil Glow Razor

BIC SOleil Glow

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