Bridal Necklace

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Bridal Necklaces


A friend of mine is taking the walk down the aisle in a few months.  For the occasion she picked a classic romantic dress from Priscilla of Boston on Miracle Mile in Coral Gables, Florida.  With her nuptials just around the corner, I thought I’d try to help her accessorize for the big day.  My offer to assist could be considered quite ironic however; I have never voluntarily opened a bridal magazine, and I had no concept of the jewelry brides wear.  To me, the only item of jewelry that stands out is the ring.

Considering that I have been in over a dozen weddings and I am completely obsessed with all kinds of accessories, the fact that only one accessory has stood out to me is the testament to subtleness of bridal jewelry.  The approach most take is to pair a powerful white statement dress with a simple necklace.  However taking a slightly different route, such as wearing a statement necklace and a subdued dress, can add a certain flair to the wedding wardrobe. Check out the simple pieces I found for my friend, as well as the more powerful necklaces I found during my search.


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