How to Care for a Sick Pet

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How to Care for a Sick Pet

Harrison Ford is my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dog that I consider my first child. He sleeps with me every night and shows me that he misses me by giving me what I have found out is called the Cavalier Hug. He pins me down and licks my face until he is satisfied that I will never leave again. My mom feels the same way about her “first grandchild” and will not watch my daughter unless I bring Harrison Ford over as well. He IS the best and I cannot imagine life without him!

We recently brought Harrison Ford into the Vet and found out that he has a heart murmur that requires that he does not get too much exercise or excitement and that he needs to be on medication to help him with the issue. We were devastated at first, but realized that he could live a happy life with the help of medication.

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The most important thing that I have learned when caring for him is just being compassionate and loving. I think about my pets needs and accommodate best I can. Sometimes accommodating can be troublesome because I have to leave him in the house when I am going for long walks and I know that upsets him. It hurts me that he cannot go for the long walks anymore so I started going on more short walks so he can come at least one per day. Cavaliers are not very active dogs and do not need as much as activity as some dogs. Even at his healthiest, Harrison could not walk more than 1 mile without getting tired out for the rest of the day. This breed  is really meant for companionship.

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Things to remember when caring for a Sick Pet:

  • Follow the Doctors instructions.
  • Share the instructions with other family members so that they can follow them as well.
  • Make sure you know the correct dose of medication and understand how to give medications prescribed by the Doctor. If you have questions about how to administer medicine, feel free to ask the Pharmacists or Vet.
  • Keep an extra eye on the pet to determine if symptoms improve or worsen and if there are any changes in behavior.
  • Medications can change behavior, make sure the review the side effects on the prescription and call the Doctor if you have any questions.

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After discovering the heart condition, I found out that you can add your pet to your Walgreens’ Family prescription management system. It is super easy to add your pet onto your Walgreens online pharmacy account and manage their prescription as though it were your own.

You can register your pets online! How cool is that?! Also, do not forget to sign up for Balance Rewards so you can save some SERIOUS money. Every time I go into Walgreens, I watch the cost of everything to drop when I put in phone number to access my Balance Reward membership.

You can also sign up for refill reminders. All you have to do is reply to reminder and the refill process starts. Technology is awesome!

Register-your-pet-online-#shop-#WalgreensRXDid you know that the cost of pet prescription may be less at Walgreens than at your veterinarians office, even though it’s the same medication? This is because the markups are higher and there’s usually a dispensing fee. If your pet takes medication with regular refills, you could save substantial money at Walgreens. I would much rather spend money on shoes or a cute outfit than pay too much for medicine.


On a lighter side, you can show off your pet on! Upload your photo to the Walgreens Facebook page for a chance to make your furry pal famous for one month, and check out adorable pictures of pets from around the world!

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Has your pet had any health issues? Do you have any tips for caring for a sick pet you would like to share?


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7 thoughts on “How to Care for a Sick Pet”

  1. I have two dogs that I’ve had for about 9 months yet and luckily neither of them have gotten sick yet but its so nice to know that i can get their script at walgreens if they do get ill. I’m impressed w/ how big the dog treat section is @ your walgreens i wonder if mine is that big? My local grocery store literally carries like 5 options for dog treats, ill have to check walgreens to see if its as big as yours. If so I might go there more often just for treats!

  2. Harrison Ford is just adorable! My husband’s cousin got a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and I think they might be the cutest puppies ever. So glad you can help him out with medication. #client


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