Tips for the Best Frames for A High Prescription

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When choosing the best frames for high prescription, it is important to pick the right frame, material, lens, and company. Here are four tips that will save you a lot of time, money, and hassle. Having cute glasses is one of my favorite ways to rock motherhood in style.

I had so much fun shopping for glasses on OzealGlasses.com. There are so many cute eyeglasses to pick from that I could not pick just one pair! I picked the Radiant Orchid glasses and these round Ospirit Burberry Tortoiseshell glasses. These glasses are a great everyday pair that I have been wearing non-stop. The cool thing about Ozeal is that the prices are so reasonable that you do not have to buy just one pair!

Ozeal round glasses_-3


Tips for the Best Frames for A High Prescription

  1. Choose plastic glasses over metal frames. Plastic frames are lightweight and still customizable to fit your personality. They remain the most common and budget-friendly.
  2. Look for glasses that have a frame around the entire lens. In full-rim glasses, the lenses are covered on all sides with the frames. This helps minimize the appearance of the lens’ thickness.
  3. Buy glasses online that do not charge a fortune for high index lenses. Because of their ability to bend light more efficiently, high-index lenses for nearsightedness have thinner edges than lenses with the same prescription power to avoid the coke bottle effect. The lighter, thinner edges require less lens material, which reduces the overall weight of the lenses.
  4. Don’t buy glasses that have a huge lens. The further you get away from the focal point on a lens, the thicker the lens will be and the more distortion that will exist.


Ozeal Glasses always has a ton of deals going on. I used a coupon code so that I could get two pairs of glasses instead of just one pair. You can do the same by liking them on Facebook where they have fans only coupons. Two pairs of glasses were less than $225!

That was even with huge prescription with Ultra High Index 1.74 (50% Thinner) and anti-scratch and anti-glare coating. My prescription is -7.00 and -7.50 so the High Index is a necessary evil for me.

I went with 40% thinner than standard on the Radiant Orchid glasses and could not really tell the difference between 50% thinner on the round pair. It is a big price difference so if your prescription is close to mine or less and you are getting similar frames, I would go with the 40% option. 

Perfect Everyday Eyeglasses from Ozeal

Ozeal round glasses_-2

I love that glasses are trendy now and I love to have the most cutting-edge pairs of glasses. I keep up with the trends by following Ozeal Glasses on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

My trend alert for this post is the round glasses are on trend and fun to wear.

Round glasses frames are the original eyeglasses design. In the early 20th century, they were the only shape you could find. Round eyeglasses convey simple and natural, honest and intelligent, thoughtful, independent, and smart. The orb shape reminds us of enduring qualities like the sun and moon.

Trend Alert round glasses Ozealglasses.com #aprilgolightly

 What tips or questions do you have about choosing the best frames for high prescription?

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31 thoughts on “Tips for the Best Frames for A High Prescription”

    • You know that you “don’t need glasses to wear glasses” don’t you? If you like the looks of glasses then here is something for you to do. Go on line to Zenni optical (zenni.com) and do a nice close up selfie looking straight into the camera and then post it in their virtual try-on area. Then as you start looking at frames that you think look cute click on them and they will be on your face in the picture. So then you will have a pretty good idea how you look wearing various glasses. My guess is that you will find way more than one that you really like on you. Once you have chosen a pair or several pairs that you can’t live without it’s time to order them. By the way Zenni has a number of complete glasses including prescription lenses starting at $6.95 and hundreds more for under $13.00. Now if you want you can simply just get them as non prescription if you want. However you should know that a lot of people really don’t like seeing someone wearing what they consider “fake” glasses just for the glasses look. Of course that’s mostly from those that wear glasses because they need them. I’m a retired optician and i would recommend that you order your glasses with a very weak prescription in them that won’t do any harm to your eyesight. Go to the order form and where it asks what your glasses are for click on “distance” or “single vision” then go down to where you fill in your prescription and only use the SPH areas for both eyes. Click on -.50 for both eyes and use 58 for your PD measurement The glasses you will receive will not only look great but you will be able to see perfect wearing them as soon as you put them on. When your friends see you wearing glasses simply tell them that you’re slightly nearsighted but you don’t need to wear them all the just when you need to see something at a distance. The prescription is just enough that they will be able to tell that your glasses do have a prescription in them if they should ask to try them on which of course they will.

  1. Oh my – both those pairs look fantastic on you! I need a new pair desperately but my face is so tiny I really do need to try them on to see how they fit my face.

  2. I’ve always loved tortoise shell finishes for my glasses. And, it’s great that you can order online without spending a fortune.

  3. Those look so cute on you, and they are trendy. It’s funny because I have to avoid that trend because I wore it as a child and I can’t reloop there. lol

  4. I love them!!! They look great!! I used to have a very high prescription before Lasik eye surgery. I remember it was very challenging to choose lenses!

  5. Oh those frames look so fantastic on you! And yes, your tips are right on! I have super strong prescription and I cannot do glasses that don’t have a frame around the entire lens. It just doesn’t work.

  6. I have the same prescription as you, I had the thin lenses but I hate that my eyes look tiny and there is too much distortion to the side of the lenses when you look at me face on (it’s where my head looks thinner through the glasses lens). How can I avoid this with my next pair of glasses?

  7. honestly, when i first saw your pictures i was like “oh please this girl clearly doesn’t have a high prescription at all, her lenses don’t even distort her face!” and then i read and my mouth widens. where were you years ago? you’re really awesome! i suspected round frames would solve my problems; however, they’re impossible to find in stores and i’ve been super nervous about ordering online. thank you so incredibly much for reassuring me that people with high prescriptions can look super cute in glasses!!

  8. I too have a very high prescription in my glasses, and I have a hard time wearing contacts so I normally HAVE to wear glasses. And now that they have started making cuter frames in the past 7 years or so they aren’t so blah and you can make them an accessory and not just a necessity. My question to you is: how do I do my eye makeup for a night out with my hubby that brings out my baby blue eyes, berry colored frames, very dark but going gray eyebrows, and not look like I have clown makeup on? I’d appreciate any tips you can give me.

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