12 Ways to Rock Motherhood in Style

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Since becoming a mother, my style has changed dramatically. The first thing that comes to mind when I think of mom style, is the funny skit on SNL about mom jeans. Motherhood style does not need to be so tacky. It is my belief that you can successfully navigate motherhood in style. I understand that moms get stressed in the turmoil of life and putting themselves second. Here are 12 ways to sprinkle a bit of luxury into every day to help make your mom life special.



12 Ways to Rock Motherhood in Style

  1. Mom Makeup Routine

    Before becoming a mother, I would spend hours putting on makeup. Now, I usually only put on foundation, setting powder, mascara, and tinted brow gel. I like to use luxury makeup because it makes me feel special and put together more than just using drugstore makeup. Here are my go-to products for my mommy makeup bag: Anastasia Tinted Brow Gel in Caramel, Fenty Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation, and Dior Show Mascara.

  2. Quick Night Routine

    At night time, I take off my makeup with Micellar Cleansing Water and cotton rounds. I get them in my monthly subscription box (subscribe and save) from Amazon so not only am I getting the best price, but I never run out.

  3. Loafer Flats

    Before becoming a mom, I never wore flats. When I was in college, I bought ballet flats and they always hurt me. They just don’t work with my feet. I thought that I just could not wear flats. My instep is really high and ballet flats hurt the top of my feet. Loafers don’t pose that problem and made my life much easier.

  4. Comfortable Sandals

    Comfortable sandals during the warmer months are ideal for motherhood in style. You would be surprised how hard it is to find comfortable sandals. I have very few brands that are actually comfortable even though lots of brands claim to be comfortable. Eurosoft sandals have been consistently comfortable for me.

  5. Sneakers

    Before becoming a mom, I only wore sneakers to the gym. I always had one pair and wore the exclusively on gym days. Now, I have 5 pairs and wear them when I know I will be on my feet for longer than 3 hours. It makes such a big difference in my attitude during the day.

  6. Hair Appointments

    I have been going grey since I was 16 years old, but after becoming a mom, I noticed that the greys are coming in more and more. I have decided instead of dying my hair brown to cover the grey color, I would go blonde instead. If I have to go to the salon every 6 weeks anyway, I might as well have a fun hair color. My hair appointments are a nice stress-free time where I have some luxury time just for me. It is important that you find a hairdresser that understands what you are looking for. Seek out women with your color and similar base color and find out where they are getting their hair done. Not all hairdressers are created equal. The perfect hairdresser for me might be a disaster for you. My hairdresser has a similar base to me and rocks a very similar color too. She is an expert in blonding for brunettes. Here is what my hair looks like when I walk out of the salon and then it washes out into an ashy beige blonde that I love.

  7. Nail Appointments

    I have scheduled nail appointments every 2 1/2 weeks to keep my hands looking nice. I like to keep them nice and clean. Then, when I wash dishes or do any cleaning, I use blue doctor gloves to protect my nails.

  8. The Perfect Jeans

    It took me years to find these, but the J Brand Maria Jeans (Sometimes there are deals in this style here) are the most comfortable and flattering. Any other jeans are just too tight and uncomfortable. Check out my article on the Best Jeans for Hourglass Figure.

    J Brand Maria Jeans

  9. Long Tunics

    Long tunics are an extremely comfortable top choice for when you are a mom. I like to have tops that cover the top of my jeans so that any bending or running will not expose my underwear.

  10. Bikini Underwear

    Let’s be real, before motherhood, I wore thongs all the time. Now, it is a very rare occurrence. My favorite underwear are these briefs from Natori. They are so comfortable and still don’t show underwear lines.

  11. Easy Jewelry

    I like easy jewelry that does not snag on my clothes. Also, it has to be something I am willing to part with. I’ve had too many mishaps to have attachments to jewelry. The Kendra Scott Rayne Necklace and the Phara Lariat are my go to necklace choices because they are both stylish and durable.

  12. Long Cardigans

    Wearing long cardigans can forgive a lot of clothing sins. I like that it covers any possible gap between top and pants.

Bonus: When you do get dressed up, try wearing Mother and Daughter Matching Outfits.

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