5 Great Ways to Do Hair While Wearing Glasses

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5 Great Ways to Do Hair While Wearing Glasses

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You guys know that I love wearing glasses. You cannot help but notice my obsession with prescription glasses and sunglasses. Check out all my glasses posts starting with ‘Wear Sunglasses.’ Robert Monk put together a list of awesome hair styles to wear while wearing glasses. He is a freelance home-ware blogger, creative writer, illustrator and full-time glasses wearer.

Wearing glasses shouldn’t have to have a negative effect on your sense of glamor and style. Indeed, a cool approach to eye-wear and hairstyles can combine to great effect.  The tremendous variety of new designs and big name labels in glasses fashion can help cultivate a terrific new look. Try out some of the tips below and in no time at all you’ll wonder how you ever did without them!


5 Hair Syles for Glasses

Have you seen my attempt at grey hair? Check out when I tried out my Grey Hair here. Let me know what you think!

The professional look sown up

Even non-prescription users sometimes make use of glasses to give them an extra studious and professional look. When combined with a smart tied-back hair style the effect can create a confident and professional appearance ready for anything! Have a look at the superb range from Christian Dior to get an idea of just some of the styles on offer.

professional hair with glasses

Swept back hair

For a smart and impressive style of hair, the swept back look is one approach that has stood the test of time. Working for both short and long hair, the style is based on confidence and a desire to present a neat appearance. When combined with the right kind of spectacles it can offer an all round winning look. Try using with this look the latest styles from Kate Spade for that dynamic effect.glasses

Cool aviators and long hair

Aviators can bring a classic sense of rebellious freedom to any look. Try these classic glasses them with some free and easy curls and free flowing hair – the wilder the better. This famous brand of sunglasses can bring a real sense of open roads and open skies to any wearer. When presented on show with free and easy hair styles, the effect can be spectacular!

Cool aviators

Long tresses and romantic glasses

A carefully chosen type of glasses can bring a soft and romantic edge to all faces. Long tresses and thick, flowing hair styles can accentuate this look, bringing a beautifully composed style especially perfect for when you want to make a big impression.  Try glasses with rounded edges in warm hues of browns and beige for an extra naturalized image.

Long hair with glasses

Hipster quiff with large frames

The hip and happening hair style of quiff and shaved back and sides can work a treat with large oversized spectacle frames.  Closely aligned to geek chic, this take on glasses and hair style is essentially a modern reappraisal of tried and tested styles. Offering a sense of eccentricity and individual flair, the look can be a one-way ticket to the latest of trends.

way to wear hair with glasses


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