Mom Fashion Problems Solved: Mommy Stylish Shoes

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Mom Fashion Problems Solved: Mommy Stylish Shoes featuring Mom Bloggers, April Golightly and Melissa from The Eyes of a Boy.

I met Melissa a few months ago at The Mother of All Baby Showers and we just clicked right away. She has an awesome blog about raising her 2 boys called The Eyes of a Boy.  We were talking about the fashion problems that moms face on a daily basis. Wearing heels and running after kids is an art that celebrities make seem like the easiest thing in the world. Every time I saw pregnant Kim Kardashian in heels, I cringed. I tried to wear heels twice during my pregnancy and ended up falling both times.  Learn what shoes to wear so that you can keep up with your kids and look stylish doing it in our Mom Fashion Problems Solved video. The video is brought to you by my hubby’s production company, Sun Stone Productions.

Mom Shoe Problems Solved

 The mom fashion problem that we are focusing on today is finding shoes that are comfortable and stylish at the same time. Our favorite brand for comfy flat shoes is Tory Burch.

Mom Fashion Problems Solved, Mom Fashion Problems Solved: Mommy Stylish Shoes

What shoes keep you comfortable and stylish as a mom?

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  1. omg love that the shoes are better for you and they are so stylish! I would cringe everytime i saw KK too! could not believe it! LOL


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