How to Keep your Dog Healthy and Happy

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My dog Harrison Ford is basically my first child. He has definitely earned the title of best friend with all his love and cuddles. Today, I want to discuss How to Keep your Dog Healthy and Happy.

Schedule Daily Walks

Keep on your dog’s behavior, coat, and stool to see if changes in diet are needed. Take your dog for their annual check-up at the veterinarian’s office.

Keep your dog hydrated by keeping their water bowl full and bring water on walks.

Get your dog outside more

Taking your dog for a walk is not the only thing you can do when it comes to getting your dog outside. When you own a dog, you should have a backyard that it can roam free in. You can set up an invisible dog fence to secure an area of your backyard that is solely for the use of your dog. This is a great way for your four-legged friend to spend more time in nature, playing and having fun. Dogs thrive when they are outside, as there are lots of things for them to sniff, which is extremely stimulating for them, and dogs need a lot of stimulation. Letting your dog in the backyard throughout the day will provide them with well-needed fresh air, extra exercise, and a range of other benefits. Keep up the walks, but you should also let your dog out to just do whatever they want without a lead or a schedule. 

Sharing is caring!

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