Zingara Swimwear

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Zingara Swimwear

Samples were provided for review purposes. All opinions are 100% my own.

I was delighted to discover Zingara Swimwear recently at their Dadeland Mall Boutique. They also have an online store and 2 other locations in Florida, one in the Aventura Mall and the newest store in The Florida Mall in Orlando. The word ‘ZINGARA’ means gypsy in Italian, a word that defines the soul of every  collection. These bathing suits are extremely glamorous, well fitted, comfortable, and the designs and prints are extremely unique. I immediately fell in love with several bathing suits at the Zingara Boutique.

ZIngara Swimwear_-43

My favorite print and the one that I chose was Formentera which has an orange background with radiant orchid flower print and animal print trim. I chose the halter top because it gave me the coverage and support I need. I am sporting a F cup right now and need as much support as I can get. Each print come in so many different styles, every body type has a bathing suit that will suit it. Whether you are a 2 or a 12, you will be able to find something that is unique, flattering and fabulous.

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Zingara Orange Swimsuit

what to pack on a 4 night caribbean cruise-7

ZIngara Swimwear_-75

ZIngara Swimwear_-29-2

ZIngara Swimwear_-31-2

Here I am trying on he one piece version of the bathing suit. I decided to go with a one piece so that I can get to use it for longer. I plan to loose some weight soon and I can continue to use the top and just change out the bottom with a solid one. I do love the one piece! I wish I could gotten more in bathing suits in the store. When does that happen? UMM…never!

ZIngara Swimwear_-2-2

Zingara also makes cute sandals that you can customize to match exactly to your bathing suit! How fun is that!? I am dying to get a pair!

ZIngara Swimwear_-13

ZIngara Swimwear_-12

ZIngara Swimwear_-2

ZIngara Swimwear_

There are also children’s bathing suits that match the adult bathing suits. I am dying to do a mommy and me photo shoot with my daughter this summer. I need hit the gym!

ZIngara Swimwear_-16ZIngara Swimwear_-18-2

Zingara also always has solid color bathing suits that you can mix and match with the prints or wear on their own.

ZIngara Swimwear_-8

What do you think of the Zingara Swimwear and accessories?

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11 thoughts on “Zingara Swimwear”

  1. The swimsuits are are really cute. I like the bold colors and designs of them. They are not like any swimsuits I can buy around here. I would love to have a unique swimsuit like these.

  2. I had never heard of this brand before, but after looking at their website they have lots of cool stuff.

  3. Wow, you and I have the same body type and this suit looks really great on you! I had really given up on bikini’s because I’m not the perfect size 6- but I feel like I could really rock that same exact print you tried on. I know you decided to go with the one piece, but the bikini did look good. I want it!


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