How to Maximize the Cleanliness with a Carpet Shampooer?

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Just like one’s hair require shampooing to clean off the dirt and dust, carpets require time to time shampooing. The carpet fibers trap a humungous amount of dirt, dust, grime and pathogens.

Simple vacuuming is not enough to remove stubborn stains and grime off the carpet. The carpet shampooing machine includes a chamber for adding shampoo and another for water penetrating the fibre for deep washing.

Working mechanism for a carpet shampooer 

A carpet cleaner is also a carpet shampooer or carpet extractor. The machine efficiently cleans the deeply embedded stains and dirt, giving the carpet a new look.

The shampoo machine for carpets works on the concept of a high-powered vacuum and washing off the carpet with heated steam. It is recommended to pre-treat the carpet with a cleaning solution for 10 to 15 minutes as it eases the process of softening the rigid stains, oil, and grime.

Most carpet shampooer consists of the following components to help achieve an optimal level of cleaning:

  • Pump – The unit is responsible for generating high pressure and injecting water into the carpet. The water hitting the carpet at high pressure helps remove the stains and spots.
  • Vacuum – This is another essential component of the carpet cleaner that vacuums the dirty water and cleaning solution from the carpet. The vacuum unit successfully sucks the dirty water and sends it to the extraction tank. The adjustable airflow helps in the application of pressure as per the requirement.
  • Heating unit – This component heats the water to make the cleaning better. Heated water rinses the carpet while softening the stains and eliminating pathogens and contaminants.
  • Solution or detergent tank – This is a small component in the carpet cleaner for feeding in carpet cleaning shampoo.

These are the major units or components of a carpet shampooer. Along with these, a range of accessories can be used depending on the type of carpet.

How to Maximize the Cleanliness with a Carpet Shampooer?

What to know before using the carpet shampooer 

The carpet shampooer is an electronic device that eases the job of cleaning the carpet. As it runs on the carpet, it sucks in the dust, dirt, and particles for a cleaner look. However, here are a few tips and things to do before using the carpet shampooer:

Prepare the carpet prior

For best results and thorough cleaning of the carpet, it is necessary to prepare the carpet for cleaning using the shampooer. Remove the furniture or perhaps shift the carpet to a relatively open area.

If you have placed furniture above the carpet, make sure to remove it to expose the carpet in full, and it exposes stained areas and helps in effective cleaning.

Spray cleaning solution or softener in areas with stubborn stains

Sometimes, running the carpet shampooer is not enough to eliminate the rigid stains. Hence, the spray stain removal solution softens the grime or stains for easy cleaning.

Get rid of hair or any solid particles visible on the carpet. If the carpet is extremely dirty, consider soaking it with a detergent or carpet shampoo to soften the spots.

Prepare the equipment well

Make sure to read the manual before the machine. Avoid using excess shampoo as it might leave residue on the carpet. Mix the carpet shampoo well and add the necessary amount of water.

Adjust the airflow and pressure as per the instructions while moving the machine on the carpet surface. Empty the drainage after the dirty water is sucked.

Check for the dryness

The purpose of using the carpet shampooer is to clean the carpet and ensure it is dry by the end of the process.

Once carpet cleaning is over, check thoroughly across the carpet to identify any wet areas. Use heat for drying the carpet surface for a neater and fluffier look.

Planning to clean your carpet for a hygienic and cleaner indoors? Grab your carpet shampooer for easy, effortless and professional grade washing of the carpet.

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