11 Fun Facts About Bringing the Skeleton’s to Life for Pixar’s COCO

During my trip to Pixar a few months ago, I watched a cool presentation on bringing the skeleton’s to life for Pixar’s COCO. All this animation stuff is so cool. They do so much worth to make the film and character’s look amazing! Here are some Fun Fact About Bringing the Skeleton’s to Life for Pixar’s COCO.     1. The animators studied the bones, muscles, and anatomy to help them build the skeletons for COCO. Explored … Read more

8 Amazing Details about the History & Significance of Dia de los Muertos

Elements of the family always have been part of Disney Pixar’s COCO from the initial pitch of the film in the fall of 2011. We sat down with the Adrian Molina (Writer & Co-Director of COCO) and Dean Kelly (Story Artists for COCO)  to discuss the History and Significance of Dia de los Muertos. The filmmakers wanted the film and the traditions to be “rooted in the real world” (Adrian Molina). They took research trips to Mexico … Read more

Pixar’s COCO Interview with the Filmmakers

A few weeks ago, I interviewed the Director COCO, Lee Unkrich, Writer and Co-Director Adrian Molina and Producer Darla K. Anderson.  They worked extremely hard to put together an amazing story that you will fall in love with just like I did. We only watched 35 minutes of a rough cut of the film and I cannot wait to see how the story comes together.   The Story of Pixar’s COCO Here is a little … Read more

Why Disney Fans Need to Visit San Francisco

  Did you know that San Francisco has the Walt Disney Family Museum? I had no idea! It is an amazing collection of Disney history that will have Disney fans squealing. The Walt Disney Family Museum has galleries filled with the history of Walt Disney along with walls full of awards and a diorama of Disneyland.     One story from the museum stuck with me. Walt Disney talked about building a new amusement park … Read more