Versace Mansion Charity Ensemble

Who doesn’t love a good charity event !?!  This do-gooder event was extra special for me as it was the first time that I ever set foot into the famous Versace Mansion.  I vividly recall longing to enter years ago on my first adult visit to Miami Beach.  This was years before the mansion was … Read more

Meetup with Fashion Friends

Meetup Florida Fashion Fans by aprilgolightly featuring a colorblock dress April Golightly has started a meetup called Florida Fashion Fans. FFF group is an effort to create an environment where it is  not only ok to talk about fashion for hours, it is the preferred topic. The theme of the first Fashion Happy Hour is … Read more

red dresses for new years

Red New Years Dresses

Are you looking for passion and love in the new year? You can wear a red new years dress. We have some awesome Red New Years Dresses to choose from. 

Wear White is for Peace in the New Year

White is the most popular color choice for New Year’s Eve in Brazil. If you search google images of Brazil New Years Eve, you will find a plethora of photo showing hundred of people on the beach in white on New Year’s Eve. In the Southern Hemisphere, New Year’s Eve is in the summer. I … Read more