Macy’s Concert!

I am joining Macy’s and Megan & Liz for a show at Macy’s Coral Springs on Sunday, September 1 at 2 pm. Come meet me at the Macy’s Concert this weekend!

Nuance Salma Hayek Party

I was super excited to host a Nuance Salma Hayek Party for my friends last week. It is so important to make time for your friends  because as life gets busy, it just gets harder and harder. I am glad that we all made time to hang out last week and play with all the fun Nuance Salma Hayek products.


nuance-salma-hayek-face-makeup, Nuance Salma Hayek Party

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Nuance Salma Hayek

The Nuance Salma Hayek line is an exclusive for CVS/pharmacy. The Nuance Salma Hayek line was inspired by Salma’s grandmother, a cosmetologist who developed her own homemade beauty remedies. I really love how the all the products smell fresh and have so many natural ingredients. During pregnancy, I am extra sensitive to ingredient and smells. All the products had an amazing aroma that relaxed me.


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Heidi Hess

Heidi Hess is an amazing designer of hand-loomed sweaters. The fabric is hand-loomed in New York and feels like a dream. I tried on so many pieces just so that I could keep touching the fabric without having to pet the sweaters on the rack. Regardless, I ended up petting some on the rack as well as while I was trying them on.


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High Fashion at Miami Fashion Week

High-end designers showed some of their Spring “ready to wear” looks at Miami Fashion Week. I love that you can see some current trends on the runway at Miami Fashion Week even as Fall runways are coming out later in the year. This is because most women are concerned about what they are wearing for the spring and summer as the days are growing longer and heating up.

Miami Fashion Week Shows



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The Best of Miami Fashion Week

This week has been exhausting for me, but I was doing what I love so I really cannot complain. I went to as many Miami fashion shows as my body would allow me to go to. It was a blast seeing all those amazing fashions so close to home. Here, I have compiled some of Best of Miami Fashion Week.

Best of Miami Fashion Week

best of miami fashion week

Photo Courtesy of Miami Fashion Week

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5 Easter Outfit Ideas

Easter is my favorite fashion holiday! Spring dress and hats are the most fun things to wear for me. Wearing spring dresses, pearls, and large sunglasses actually helped me get the name April Golightly. In college, my wardrobe mostly consisted of these items. A guy in one of my classes started calling Little Miss April Golightly with the “Asian” accent from the movie. Other students started calling me that and it just stuck. I have come a long way in my taste since then, but I still adore the Holly Golightly look and dressing up for Easter.


Holly Golightly for Easter

Girl’s Only Valentine’s Party

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and it’s time to share your feeling with the people you love–your girl friends! They are there for you when you need them and listen to all your problems.  Whether they are single, married, or dating, they deserve to know that you love them! Why not show your … Read more

CFDA Impact Fashion Event

This week has been awesome! On Sunday and Monday, I went shopping! On Tuesday, I went to the Boca Museum of Art with my sister, Bobbie. On Wednesday, I got the couch that I bought on Sunday! I cannot even imagine what the rest of the week holds for me! On Tuesday at the opening … Read more

50 Years of Fashion Comes to South Florida

Two of my favorite things, Fashion and Art are coming to Boca on January 29, 2013. I am heading to the member opening to see the high fashion in a museum setting at the Boca Raton Museum of Art.  All the details of the show are below. Check back to see what I wear to the … Read more

What to Wear to an Art Event

One of the greatest things about Miami is that it brings serious art to Florida. Before I discovered Art Basel, I was starved for art and only got to see it in my travels to New York and abroad. The rest of Florida tries to forget that Miami exists, but luckily I was able to live there for … Read more

Mustache Party

My friend hosted a surprise mustache party for her husband’s 30th birthday. The guys were supposed to grow mustaches and the girls were supposed to buy fake mustaches. My hubby grew some facial hair for the big party. The decor was entirely mustache themed with pictures of her husband from elementary school to adulthood with … Read more

Green for Harmony in the New Year

You can wear green or harmony in the new year. Harmony makes sense as a meaning for green since it reminds me of natural. Wearing it on the new year will bring you harmony with earth and nature in the new year.  You can also wear an army green in the new year. Here are … Read more

Graduation Time

My little sister Bobbie graduated Magna Cum Laude this weekend. It’s amazing to think of the woman she has grown up to be. She’s about to start an adult life and I can still remember in vivid detail waiting by the phone to find out if she was going to be a boy or a … Read more

Blogger Event at the Raleigh Hotel

Sears Style put together an event exclusively for local bloggers during Art Basel called the Art of Fashion. I got to spend some quality time with local bloggers, including long-time friend, Jen Quillen a.k.a. The Rebel Chick. All the blogger signed this large canvas. There were tons of markers to choose from, but I decided … Read more

Shop My Closet: Brand New Blue Dress

These are the dresses that I purchased for the bridesmaids for my wedding. I bought them from Mod Cloth, but they are current sold out. One of the dresses was never worn due. It can be purchase unworn with tags still on through I-Ella. Let me know if you have any questions. Also, there are … Read more

Fashion Designers Expo – Maker’s Shoes

Leopard Top, Forever 21; Houndstooth Jeans, Nordstroms Rack; Lips Bangle, Target; Lips Earrings, Target; Red Booties, Sole Society; Gucci Bag, Gift Fashion Designers Expo helps emerging fashion talent, like Maker’s Shoes, gather the excitement and exposure they deserve. The event tonight was wonderful…especially since I was given my pair of free shoes!!! I adore the … Read more

Friendly Funksion Fashion Show

After watching the Oscars this year, I was so excited to break out my yellow dress again. I decided to wear it to the Funksion Fashion Show on South Beach. Gotta love that we have fashion shows in Miami! It’s such a fun thing to go to with friends! As you can see, we had … Read more

Hi-Lo Brunch

I try to get together with my girls friends as much as possible. Getting to do girly things together is a necessary past time for me. These brunches are also a reason to wear sunday brunch dresses. This hi-lo dress is not typical brunch choice, but as soon as I saw it in the Nordstrom … Read more

Fashion’s Night Out 2012

My hubby and I hit up Neiman Marcus at the Galleria for Fashion’s Night Out.  We actually got there in time to see the show. Such a rarity for a “school night.” There was some singing and dancing and a guest appear by Karina Smirnoff of Dancing with the Stars. She was wearing metallic Herve … Read more