Colored Leather Loafer DIY

 Ingredients Loafers (leather or faux leather will work) Tarrago Leather Paint Tarrago Leather Preparer Leather Application Sponge (comes in Tarrago kit) Mixing brush (comes in Tarrago kit) Drop cloth (large garbage works) Masking Tape Paper Towel Inspiration Step 1 Find some leather 0r faux leather loafers that are so boring in an traditional color like … Read more

Don’t Let Earrings Weigh You Down DIY

Don’t Let Your Earrings Weigh You Down DIY by aprilgolightly on Don’t let your earrings weigh down your ears. At a very young age, my father warned me about what happens to earlobes after years of wearing heavy earrings. I’ve been wearing studs every since. Over the past few years, I have branched out … Read more

Burberry Inspired Beaded Sandals DIY

Burberry set the trend for sandals this spring season with these amazing beaded sandals. Ingredients Black Sandals 4 Different Color Beads that are the same size & shape (I used black, blue, green and yellow.) Black Colored Copper Wire (I used 24 gauge.) Large Needle (I purchased the needle from the Crochet Section of A.C. … Read more