Monitor Your Home When You Travel

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You can monitor your home when you travel with the help of Ooma. The company is an award-winning home phone service for today’s modern home. Ooma uses your Internet service to provide crystal clear nationwide calling for free. All you pay are monthly applicable taxes and fees. Today, Ooma has expanded it’s home phone service to include do-it-yourself Home Security that provides 24/7 smart home security for next to nothing! Ooma uses your home’s 911 to provide instant access to an emergency dispatcher in the event of an emergency, bypassing the need for expensive professional monitoring.

You can get home monitoring services for next to nothing with Ooma. It is pretty cool and really easy to set up on your own. We did it in our house and I was able to it without the help of my husband. Girl Power! The Ooma Telo is the hubs that is connected to Ooma’s cloud-based smart platform giving you free calling. It has advanced features that turn an ordinary phone to a smartphone for your home.

Remote 911 calls

Call 911 from anywhere as if you were at home. Automatically transmit your home address to emergency responders.

No hidden fees or contracts

Try Ooma Home Security FREE for 30 days and pay month-to-month thereafter. Protect your home at the unbeatable low cost of $5.99/month.

Easy do-it-yourself installation

Wireless installation of sensors anywhere in your home. No installation fees or set-up charges.


Control from anywhere

Monitor and control your home from anywhere with the free Ooma Home Security mobile app.

Instant Alerts

Real-time alerts on your iOS or Android smartphone. Check the status of your home 24/7 from anywhere.

Includes phone service

Get unlimited nationwide calling, voicemail, caller-ID, call waiting, and 911 calling and text alerts.

Awesome Home Phone

Do you remember having a home phone? I miss having it when I am trying to do 10 things at once including making a call to my mom while I edit photos on my cell phone.

Voice compression increases our sound quality.

Advanced Voice Compression

Ooma uses an advanced voice compression algorithm that reduces bandwidth by 60% over standard VoIP technology. This leaves you with more bandwidth for all your other online activities.

Replace your landline with Ooma's free home Internet phone.

Wire-speed QoS

Although Ooma uses a mere fraction of the bandwidth of standard VoIP technology, the bandwidth it does use must be an absolute priority. Ooma prioritizes voice packets without slowing down the rest of your network so you can enjoy crystal-clear calls even while uploading video clips.

Encrypted calls

Encrypted calls

Ooma takes your privacy seriously. We use the same encryption technology governments use to protect classified data (which makes Ooma more secure than your old landline).

Adaptive Redundancy

Adaptive Redundancy

Packet loss causes phone calls to sound stuttered or garbled with standard VoIP technology. Our sophisticated algorithms detect packet loss on your Internet connection before you even hear it and automatically deploy redundant packets to boost the clarity of your phone call.

HD Voice

HD Voice

Ooma HD Voice technology doubles the fidelity of your phone calls by capturing twice the speech information of a standard voice call (yes, that includes your landline.) When you and the other caller use an Ooma handset, or any HD compatible phone, your voice will sound more natural than ever.

Learn more about how to monitor your home when you travel here. 

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  1. It’s great that there are so many tools now that allow you to be calm even when you are far from home. My husband and I love to travel, so we pay special attention to security tools. Since we have to leave home for a long time, but we know for sure that everything will be fine, our house is protected


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