Friday Finds: 10 Must Have Fun Summer Floats

10 Must Have Fun Summer Floats with flamingos, ice cream, donuts, fruits, swans, pizza, flip flops and more. You have to get at least one this summer

How to Update your Laundry Room

How to Update your Laundry Room from new cabinets, baskets, modern laundry detergent, paint or wall paper, art and more.

FLOR – Design Challenge Contest & Events

I want to thank FLOR for sponsoring this post. I am super excited to share my experience with FLOR tiles! All opinions are my own. Have you seen FLOR tiles? My old office had  them in every room and it looked fabulous and modern. It really tied the room (and the entire office) together! FLOR … Read more

DIY Shower Caddy

DIY Shower Caddy to keep awesome bath and shower products off the shower floor – it is a ladder that is inspired by a 5 star hotel & a leaning bookcase

DIY Bathroom Organizer

DIY Bathroom Organizer using the Ikea ORDNING Flatware caddy, stainless steel, this ikea hack is a fun way to display hair, makeup, flowers, & toothpaste

At Home Movie Date Night

This post was written for the Fox Home Insider Program. All opinions are my own. #BestOfValentine My husband and I had a nice night of watching The Best of Me with a little wine this week. The perfect at home movie date night consists of tons of goodies that make your room comfortable and sexy. … Read more

Holiday Entertaining Tips

Holiday Entertaining Tips from Mr. Clean Magic Eraser with sharpie glasses

How to Update your Bathroom

Are your bathrooms are in desperate need of a refresh? Mine certainly are! Here are few ideas to help you update your bathroom without spending a small fortune.

Skip the Pre-Wash – Giveaway – US 10/31

It’s time to clean up your dishwashing act, America! A new survey from Cascade Platinum and Marie Claire reveals that nearly all people are doing their dishes incorrectly with 96-percent wasting up to an hour pre-washing their dishes each week

Custom Movie Poster Wall Collage

Custom Movie Poster Wall Collage  A few years ago, I discovered a new form of movie art on Etsy. The artists create new versions of movie posters that are perfect for a custom movie poster wall collage. In my opinion, most times the new poster creation is much better than the original posters. I bought … Read more

When to Add Fabric Softener so You Can Spend Time with Family

Today’s post is all about when to Add Fabric Softener so You Can Spend Time with Family. I know that this does not seem like it logically follows, but let me tell you from my experience, it definitely does!!!

How to Organize under Kitchen Sink

Organize under Kitchen Sink using child-proof containers and puffy alphabet letter to show what is inside the container to help keep the kitchen organized.