Summer Front Door Decor

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We have been doing our best to make our home look better by updating different parts of the house, like the front door, with plants, door mats, and a flowery wreath. Unfortunately, the front door gets bombarded with rain during the rainy season in Florida, and we have been dealing with a major mosquito problem.

I went to Austin for a few days this month and when my husband and daughter video chatted with me, I noticed that they were covered with mosquito bites – even on my daughter’s face! It was terrible!! My husband said they were following him in every time he opened the front door, so I called Orkin Pest Control to help me deal with this issue. Ever since then, our front porch has been mosquito-free, and now I’m able to go outside and enjoy decorating my front door without pesky mosquitoes getting in my way!

Summer Front Door Decor

Here are some ways that we updated the front door decorations so that we can spend time gardening and being outdoors this summer.

Door Mats

I have been noticing lately that a lot of people are layering their front door mats. It looks so cute and creates an awesome way to bring color into the front door decor. I decided on pink for spring and summer decorations this year. The first layered carpet has pink and white to match the theme and the front door color.

Summer Wreath

As a front decor decoration that will make the house feel more welcoming, I added a faux flower summer wreath. I have a little hook on the door for the holidays, so it was easy to put up in two seconds. I chose a pink flower wreath to match the door mats that I chose.




For the front door, I wanted to add some green to the space as well as some coverage for any packages that might get dropped off. I placed the planters about 2 feet front door so that they will get rain and give the postal service space to put the packages behind the plants. We used to have a hedge that covered our front door from the street, but we wanted to open up the yard more. It worked,but left us with no coverage for the packages. I don’t want to tempt anyone, even though we live in a safe neighborhood and have a door camera. I would never have guessed, but these planters were part of the mosquito problem.

Since we had a major problem with mosquitoes, I called Orkin Pest Control to get their Mosquito Control Service. The licensed pest professional at Orkin Pest Control inspected my yard and then designed a custom treatment plan to fit my home’s unique needs. I spoke to Orkin Pest Control about how mosquitoes were present both outside and inside my house, and the first question they asked me was whether I had plants in the house. Of course, I do! They asked me to see if anything was swimming around in the water around my plants – and to my surprise, there was! They recommended that I change the water weekly in potted plants and any containers to prevent mosquitoes from breeding there.

Outside, some of the planters that I chose for my front door did not have a drainage hole, so when it rained, they would flood with water which is a prime spot for mosquitoes to lay eggs. My Orkin Pest Control Technician treated my yard by targeting the places where mosquitoes breed. Here is a great video I found that teaches you how to drill holes in the bottom of a ceramic planter and allow your plants to drain. The Orkin  Technician also pointed out plants that gather water in the center or where my AC drips out.

Mosquitoes thrive in conditions with warmth and moisture, which is why summer is prime mosquito season.  The mosquito season can start as early as April and last through October, with June through August being the most active months for activity due to the warm temperatures. The farther south you are in the U.S., the earlier the mosquito season will start and the longer it will last. In South Florida, this year, the mosquitoes started in April. Did you know that present-day Palm Beach County used to be named Mosquito County? LOL Aptly named if you ask me!


To get rid of mosquitoes from your backyard and your front yard, you need to eliminate standing water from areas around your home as mosquitoes need less than an inch of water to breed. Look for standing water in gutters, buckets, toys and other containers that may hold standing water. Also, keep pool water treated and circulating.

Mosquito bites not only make you want to rip your skin off, but they also can transmit dangerous diseases like Zika virus, chikungunya virus, West Nile virus and more.

I’m so glad we were able to nip this problem in the bud so that we can enjoy being outdoors this summer. We have been gardening outside and are very excited to continue without having swat mosquitoes away every second. If you’re interested in getting your yard treated for mosquitoes, you can get $50 OFF your initial mosquito treatment purchased on with promo code MOS50.


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  1. Greenery in the house and outside always gives more comfort and freshness. But it also requires more attention, plants need special care, this is cleaning and watering, we even installed led lights for the growth of strong plants. Only with proper care will the greens please you for a long time


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