How to Redirect a Teething Puppy

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We are so excited to have a new puppy in the house. His name is Brighton and he is the sweetest little teething puppy. We are determined to redirect our teething puppy so that he is not gnawing on our hands, furniture, shoes, and my daughter’s toys. It is a lot of work trying to train a puppy. It is like having a new baby in the house. 

I have found that the best way to get your puppy to stop biting you and everything around them is to redirect them to toys and bones. I just ordered SmartBones SmartSticks Peanut Butter for my puppy and was extremely impressed with how long he was entertained by them. Usually, the toys are only good for a few minutes of peace. I usually have to throw them and squeak them to keep him interested. He wants to chew everything, but his toys! The SmartBones SmartSticks Peanut Butter keeps him chewing for 30 minutes or more. It is amazing! 


Tell Them NO! 

To train your puppy to stop biting you and anything else in your home, you have to tell him or her “no” and then proceed to immediately redirect the puppy to an acceptable chew toy or bone. You have to clearly communicate that the biting is unacceptable every time that it takes place. Consistency is key with a teething puppy! I know it is hard, it doesn’t really hurt especially when they are small dogs, but you will regret not teaching them to stop. 

Redirect the Teething Puppy

Always have toys and bones around that you can use to redirect the puppy. I ordered SmartBones SmartSticks Peanut Butter from Amazon with 2 day prime shipping. They were here in blink and ready for the puppy to gnaw on. I keep one in my pocket and one in my purse when I go out so that if there are any issues with my new puppy, I have something on hand to distract him. 

SmartBones SmartSticks Peanut Butter

These amazing SmartBones SmartSticks Peanut Butter are a rawhide-free alternative chew. They are delicious, healthy alternative to rawhide, nutritious diversion. It is nice to know that they Good For Them and Good For You. For pet parents looking for healthier ways to treat their dogs, SmartBones is a chew that gives dogs the satisfaction they want with the nutrition that we can feel good about. SmartBones® have all the benefits of a rawhide chew…WITHOUT the rawhide! NO RAWHIDE SmartBones® are made with real beef, chicken, and wholesome vegetables. 

Don’t Play Games That Encourages Biting

During this teething phase, it is best to avoid playing tug of war, wrestling or chase type games with them. These games are inappropriate at this stage because the games encourage biting and nipping. I know it is hard, but you can turn the game into fetch so that your hands don’t get the brunt of the chewing. 

Invest in Training 

You should also get your puppy trained by a professional. The time invested in the beginning of a puppies life will save you heart ache and annoyance for years to come. It is true that it is a harder to teach adult dogs new tricks. Trust me, I have been there. 

We are head over heals for our new puppy, Brighton! I can’t stop taking pictures of him…he’s so cooperative! I decided to start him his very own Instagram account. You can see my families love for him and by following him @BrightonMyHeart. This is a place where I can share daily photos of Brighton. Watch his journey as he grows up. 

Good luck with your new puppy! Let me know in the comments below your experience and tips with teething puppies. Thanks! 

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  1. so to conclude, it is all natural behavior of the puppy and we can only avoid till puppy grows up and in the meantime keep channelizing his energy with exercises, toys and other distractions.


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