NIVEA Lotion for Dry Skin

During pregnancy, keeping moist is key to prevent stretch marks and feeling comfortable. According to what I have been reading online, 90% of women get stretch marks from pregnancy. I hope to be in the 10% that does not get any stretch marks. I started using coco butter first, but the smell of coco makes me nauseated. I found a great deal on NIVEA lotion at Sam’s Club. You can see the entire shopping experience on Google +. … Read more

How to Wear Floral Jeans

Last years hot spring item still looks amazing in the fall. I chose a short sleeve sweater in cranberry to help me cover the early stages of my pregnancy. It worked as you cannot even tell that I am pregnant here. I am about 11 weeks pregnant here. I hope to be wearing these jeans again once I have the baby.   The gold accents on the merlot sweater went quite well with my favorite … Read more

Which Diaper Bag?

I am on the hunt for the perfect baby bag. I have been reading a ton of purse blogs and forums to get advice on my choice. Mostly, I have gathered that a zipper and compartments are key. It seems that handbags are not the best used in place of diaper bags. Most women have complained about the lack of compartments in the Le Pliage Long Champ bag and Never Full by Louis Vuitton. Both … Read more

Girl’s Only Valentine’s Party

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and it’s time to share your feeling with the people you love–your girl friends! They are there for you when you need them and listen to all your problems.  Whether they are single, married, or dating, they deserve to know that you love them! Why not show your love by throwing a girls only valentine’s party? Like you need an excuse to hang out with your friends. My … Read more

MAKE UP FOR EVER Pro Finish Foundation

Make Up For Ever Pro Finish has replaced foundation in my daily routine. It is much easier to put on while I am on the go. Sometimes for more coverage, I layer a sheer foundation under the Pro Finish, but it really is not necessary. The product can be applied wet or dry. When applied wet, it delivers a sheer, satin coverage; when applied dry it offers full, matter coverage. This is unlike most wet/dry … Read more