What to Wear to a Baptism

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My husband and I were asked to do a photo shoot for a Baptism. Since I was just a little bit pregnant during this photography job, I wore a loose dress with a skinny belt to synch my waist. I covered up on top to be respectful as my boobs were already growing to the ridiculous size they are now…34 DDD! I probably could have used a longer dress or some black tights to leggings underneath as the dress got a little short since it was more full than normal. The dress is a former Designer for Target creation. The polka dot dress is  by Jovovich-Hawk. I found some available on Ebay. Here is another fabulous polka dot dress that I found at Nordstrom.


The skinny belt was found at Good Will. It is by Nine West. Check out this skinny belt that looks similar. The sunglasses are from Chanel purchased at Edward Beiner and the bag is Never Full by Louis Vuitton. The details on the accessories are here.


I wore the dress with my fave flats from J.Crew. They have a hidden wedge in them that helps elongate legs while still looking like a flat. So comfortable! I have worn them more than any shoe in my closet. I found a similar pair of cap toe black and white flats from Nordstrom. The flats go with everything! The flats look great with black, white, and leopard (P.S. I was pregnant here too!), with preppy sweater and button down combo,  and with silk cream top, leopard sweater, and red skinny jeans.


Photographs are courtesy of Sunstone Productions

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