DIY Ribbon Game Day Shirt

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When game day is around the corner, you want to stand out with a fun DIY Ribbon Game Day Shirt. My sister and I were shopping the day before the Super Bowl and she was determined to find herself a 49ers top. She normally is not a 49ers fan, but felt that she should support them since they won her fantasy football championship for her. We looked everywhere, but 49er gear is not that popular in Florida. She found kids shirt for a decent price, but did not like the fit. I promised to help her modify it to her liking.


We used these items to complete the DIY Game Day T-Shirt Project:
1. T-Shirt (similar)
2. Scissors
2. Two 4 Foot polka dot ribbons (I bought a bunch of colors in an inexpensive set here).

Game Day T-shirt DIY



Step 1

Cut  the sides of the shirt when the shirt is laid down flat.


Step 2

Cut tiny holes along the edge of the shirt about an inch in between each ribbon hole and about a 1/3 inch to a half an inch from the edge.


Step 3

Lace the ribbon through the holes from the top of the shirt to to the bottom using under lacing technique and showing the printed side of the ribbon as much as possible as you lace. Since I cut the holes so tiny, I sometimes had to fold the ribbon so that it would fit through the holes.


Step 4

Make a bow at the bottom of the shirt.


Ribbon DIY t-shirt




 Step 5

If you don’t love the neckline, cut a scoop.


Step 6

If you also don’t love the sleeve length, feel free to cut them or roll them up. The roll can be permanent with 2 quick hand stiches similar to the ones used for the jean cuffs here. I chose not to do it as  we were making this the day of the Super Bowl and did  not have a ton of time.





Check out how I styled the DIY t-shirt with Gap Skimmers.


How did your DIY Ribbon Game Day Shirt turn out? Leave pictures and links in the comments below.


Sharing is caring!

23 thoughts on “DIY Ribbon Game Day Shirt”

  1. I really love how you took a standard tshirt and put some amazing girly touches on it. I would LOVE a Dallas Cowboys one just in time for next season.

  2. very innovative! Would you need to serge or zig zag the top of the shirt so it doesn’t fray after you cut the scoop?

  3. Okay I seriously love this. It will come in very handy when my Granddaughter is older! Thanks for the instructions to this totally cute t-shirt.


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