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Chalk Preschool Online

This week I signed up for Chalk Preschool using the Preschool Curriculum to help me teach my daughter more about the world we live in. Each day I used new lessons and printables to help teach my munchkin. Chalk Preschool is an online school that has both a child learning area as well as a parent learn section. Both were extremely helpful in helping me teach my daughter. This can be used as a supplement to preschool.


The teachable moments for parents go over how to teach your preschooler while you are doing everyday activities like in the bath, at restaurants, and cooking.


The Preschool Lesson Plans cover everything from colors to math and science. Each video is interactive and fun to watch. Also, they have parenting tips to help us teach our children better.


Everyday there is a new daily video so there is always something new to learn!


There are tons of crafts and recipes to work on with your children like the Dirt Cups and Gummy Worms made with pudding and Oreos. Yum!


Learn more about Chalk Preschool by liking the Chalk Preschool on Facebook. Check out some awesome crafts on the Chalk Preschool Blog and the Chalk Preschool News Room.

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  1. Thanks for this! I’ve been trying to find a curriculum that’s easy to use and in a daily format for my daughter, and so far, I’ve found nothing for her age (not quite two years old.). This might just be what I was looking for. I didn’t know where to begin with teaching her, so I’ve just been winging it, but maybe this will help me be more structured. I went to the website to sign up and it looks like there are things for her age, so that makes me happy.


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