Christmas Card Photo Ideas

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During the holidays, I absolutely love sending out beautiful Christmas Cards to my friends and family. It is especially awesome because I know people like my mom keep the photos cards of family on the fridge forever. It is a way to stay in my family’s heart all year long. Here are some of the Christmas Card photo ideas that I have done myself and some that are on my to do list. You can either give this blog post link to your photographer or take the photos on your own. We use this camera and this lens to take our Christmas Card photos. This lens will give you a nice blurred out background with beautiful bokeh (round blurred out light).

Hug the Dog

For parents of pets, give your buddy a big hug and call it a day.

Christmas Card Photo Ideas for Pet Lovers

Sitting on the Front Porch

Grab the family and sit on your front porch of a family group photo.

Christmas card photo ideas - sitting on the front porch

Festive Bed Tent

Grab cute sheets like this red polka dot one to give your holiday cards a cute background. You can also get sheets with Christmas Trees and snowflakes.

Festive Bed Sheet Tent - Christmas Card Photo Ideas

Get Twirly

Get your daughter a festive twirl dress like this beautiful one. It is from an Etsy shop called Girl’s with Twirl.


Twirl Dress - Christmas Card Photo Ideas

Use Big Moment Photo

Feel free to use a non-festive big moment photo from the year on your Christmas card. You can use wedding photos or the first pics of you coming home from the hospital with a new baby.

Christmas Photo ideas - using wedding photos of the card

Little Red Wagon

Use a little red wagon to pull around your kids in the photo. It is playful and you probably have a red wagon so no need to buy any props. If not, get the classic red wagon here.

Little Red Wagon Christmas Cards Prop

Stylish Graffiti Wall

Take photos in front of a stylish graffiti wall to make your cards stand out.

christmas-card-photo-ideas-5-of-5 christmas-card-photo-ideas-3-of-5 christmas-card-photo-ideas-2-of-5

Photo by Kristally Photography


In Front of Windows

I really like the basic background of beautiful windows that give some nice reflection of the outdoors. Your photographer has to be careful not to get themselves in the photo and if they do, they should be able to edit themselves out.

Window background - Christmas Card Photo Ideas Back of Christmas Card Custom Stamps

Photo by Kristally Photography

Laying Down

Lay out a nice sheet or blanket and have your kids and family lay down on a sheet to take photos from above. You want to enlist some family to tickle the kids to get big smiles out of them.

Tickle photos of Christmas Card Photo Ideas

In Front of a Christmas Tree

Photo by Kristally Photography

Spray Paint Toy Props

Spray paint old toys like this Little Tykes Car in festive colors like red, green or gold. Then use the props as to take photos of you kids in the back yard.

Spray Paint Props for Christmas Cards

Hold Hands

It is super cute to see parents holding their kids hands and taking the photo low so that you are seeing the child’s perspective. This way the family is obvious, but the child is the focus. Choose dark color clothes for the parents and bright colors for the kids so that the child is the focus.


Boca Raton Christmas Photography -9082

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