How to Stay Put Together During Your Holiday Journey

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This week I met up with a few bloggers down in Miami for an Art Basel Event. I went from Thanksgiving cooking with family time to Christmas shopping and then Art Basel. One of blogger mentioned that she does not understand how I do all the work with the blog, cooking and be a good mom at the same time. I answered that love my job and it barely ever feels like work to me. That being said, I do make a strong effort to stay put together during the holidays so people on the outside might think it is effortless. It is not an easy feat when you are running from photo shoot to cooking dinner. Just taking a look at my calendar for a week during the holidays makes me feel tired. I like to take it day to day so it doesn’t seem overwhelming. Here is my advice on how to stay put together when you are running around during your holiday journey.


Foundation & Eyebrows

I find that my eyebrows are the most important makeup piece for me. Normally, I put on foundation, fill in my eyebrows, and put on mascara. Now that I have eyelash extensions, I can skip the mascara step. The brows to me frame your face. If your skin is even, unlike mine, you can skip the foundation. Maybe someday I will have nice skin, until then foundation is my friend.


Good Deodorant

The best way to stay put together during my holiday journey is to keep smelling fresh so you can’t tell that I have been running around. To me a good Deodorant is a key part of every woman’s daily beauty routine. It is extremely important to be able to trust your trust your deodorant to keep feeling fresh and confident as you conquer your day. With Dove Dry Spray Antiperspirant, you can just #ShakeSprayGo and have the assurance of 48-hour protection that goes on instantly dry and cares for skin with Dove ¼ moisturizers. It stands up to my life and my holiday journey so I know it will hold strong for you.



Skip Nail Polish

Chipped nail polish always looks bad, if you don’t have time for a manicure, skip the nail polish and get all the old polish off. If my toes aren’t done, I try to wear pumps. Get a 4 sided buffer and buff and file your nails to perfection. No nail polish needed.

3 Day Hair

This rule is borrowed from a good blogger friend. She always looks fabulous and I have been doing this since she put me on to it. Day 1 hair, blown out and pretty. Day 2 hair is a pony tail. Day 3 hair is a top knot with dry shampoo spray. As you can see, Thanksgiving was day 3 (maybe 4) hair for me.


Throw on a Blazer

No matter how casual you are, you can alway throw on a blazer and look more put together.

Keep Jewelry Basic

Have go to pieces that are your daily everyday look and you really don’t have to think about. I like a long tassel necklace, a basic bangle and my wedding ring.

15219513_1229002453825348_3789405090515517384_nClassic Versatile Bag

Always have a classic everyday bag that you can grab and go without having the change it. I like one that can be a cross-body and can go over my arm.


Manage Your Money

It’s good to plan your use of cash on your journey, so you know you can always be provided for in an emergency. A mixture of cash, card use (and making sure you know the withdrawal fees abroad), or even taking time to send money to Mexico for your family before you arrive can help you protect your most important resource as you get from A to B.

Enjoy your Holiday Journey

Appreciate the passing moments of the holidays, slow down for a moment and enjoy the time with your family and friends. Good luck on your holiday journey and feel free to ask me anything about how I stay put together during the holidays.


Sharing is caring!

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