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The holidays will be here before you know it and I am determined to be prepared. Last year, I felt like it whizzed by and I missed a lot of it because I was focused on work and family. This year, I am doing everything early! I am on the hunt for the perfect Holiday card to  send out to my friends and family. This afternoon we are taking Christmas photos in Delray in front of one of the murals and some by the beach.

When you get your photos done, it is important to think about the orientation of your photos. I like to talk about it with my photographer before she starts the photos. The photographer should give space on the side that you want the writing to be on.

Simple Christmas Cards

Top Writing Holiday Card


The top lettering cards should have space above the subject. The cool thing about Mint is that you can add the addresses and have them send straight from Mint to your family and friends. They really focus on the details just the way I like it. They match the printed envelopes and the return address stickers to the cards inside. You can even match your stamps!!

Florida Christmas cards photo ideas at the peach instead of in the snow



Botton Writing Holiday Card

This Sand is the New Snow Card is so perfect for my Florida friends. Most of us have family member living where it is cold and this is a nudge at them for not moving south like us. This card has so many options. As with most Minted Cards, you can make the card landscape or portrait orientation with cute matching details.


You can also choose your edges, do you pointy edges, rounded, or squiggly. The holiday greeting on this card can be changed to any holiday greeting you wish, for example “Merry Christmas”, “Happy Hanukkah”, “Holiday Tidings”, or anything else you can think of!


This Warmest Wishes card is super cute for a family laying in bed in their Christmas Jammies or a baby laying on a bed or even everyone in bathing suit laying by the pool with Christmas Tree drinks.

Warmest Wishes Holiday Card from Florida ChristmasSide Writing

Side writing cards need photos with extra space on the side. It looks best if the space to the side is out of focus.

Christmas Card with family and Christmas tree

We Wish You a Merry Christmas

Circular Writing or Ornament

christmas ornaments family personalized holiday cards to hang on the tree Christmas card ornaments are an adorable way to keep your holiday cards around for years to come. The best way to get these photos is to choose a light background that is not too distracting. This way you can focus on the people in the photo rather than any distractions.

Check out Minted’s FREE Address Assistant makes addressing holiday cards so easy. 

The find it fast option is a super helpful tool to find the perfect holiday card design. Simply upload your photo, then watch as it appears in hundreds of different holiday card designs. This saves a lot of time on individually clicking through and uploading photos to holiday card product pages. 
Buying holiday cards now and personalizing them later can be a very useful option. Customers can take advantage of a promotional offer “now” and come back to finish personalizing with photos, text, or addresses “later”, even after the promotion has expired.

Please note: Occasionally, we use affiliate links on our site. This in no way affects our editorial decision-making. Feel free to make purchases through the links contained in this post. It costs you nothing extra to do so and we great appreciate it. Happy holidays!  We choose are partners very carefully and have been a big fan of Minted for a long time.  Here is our holiday card from last year.

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