How to Pick the Perfect Photo Holiday Cards

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One of my favorite part of the holidays is getting photo holiday cards from my friends and family. It’s awesome to open my mail box everyday to see the faces of my friends and family. I promptly add them to my Holiday Card display the I get to appreciate them everyday until Little Christmas and sometimes longer! I have an old Christmas card of my nephew on my fridge right now.

Christmas Card Display

My second favorite part of holiday cards is choosing the perfect on to send to my family. Each year brands like Minted come up with something even more creative and fantastic for me to share with my friends and family.
How to Pick the Right Photo Holiday Cards
These are some of my favorite cards that I am considering sending out as holiday cards. I am trying to decided between 1 large image and few smaller ones. There are so many amazing cards to choose from on

How to Pick the Perfect Photo Holiday Cards

I like to start looking at cards to get ideas of what type of photos that I might need for my ideal card.  This year I did not get to plan in advance, but I had an amazing group of photos that we took at the park. I was planning on using them for a card for daughter’s 2nd birthday, but time got away from me so I am using them for the Christmas Cards. If you have one amazing photo, the single photo cards are for you.






If you have a group of photos that are cohesive, you can do a multi photo card. Here are some of my faves.



If you are proud pet parent, this is the perfect card for you. I wish I had seen this when Harrison was younger, I would have sent this out pre-baby.


This card is called the Minibook™ that is perfect for the photo fanatics and injstagramers that love taking photos of their family.  I have never seen anything like it and I can tell you as a card obsessed person that I am very impressed and excited about it. Each Minibook™ card has 7 pages of fully customizable photos and text giving you more room to share with friends and family. They are 5×7 and do not require extra postage!! Woot Woot!


Now that I have shared which cards are my favorite, which one do you want to get from

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