Easy Thanksgiving Menu Ideas

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I have made your meal planning for Thanksgiving extremely simple! Here is a list of amazing recipes that will make your family admire your cooking acumen in the kitchen this holiday season.

Easy Thanksgiving Menu Ideas


Appetizer – Easy Apple Cheddar Melts

Recipe from Life with Lisa


Sweet Potato Side Dishes

Recipes from Always Order Dessert

chipotle coca-cola sweet potatoes with grapes and yogurt chipotle coca-cola sweet potatoes pecans bacon and spinach chipotle coca cola sweet potatoes

Cranberry, Orange and Beet Salad

Recipe from Farm Fresh Feasts


Creamed Kale

Recipe form Connoisseurs Veg

creamed kale

Slow Cooked Creamed Corn

Recipe from The Taylor House

slow cooked creamed corn

Sausage Stuffing

Recipe from To Simply Inspire


S’more Latte Martini

Recipe from April Golightly

Here are more amazing Thanksgiving Drink Recipes.

Caramel Toffee Ice Cream Pie

Recipe from Ashlee Marie


Here are more Easy Thanksgiving Dessert Recipes you have to see!

Fall Confetti Treats

From April Golightly (me)


Homemade Turkey & Mushroom Stroganoff

Made in a Slow Cooker | Recipe from April Golightly

Easy Thanksgiving Turkey Recipe

Recipe from April Golightly


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Easy Thanksgiving Menu Ideas

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