S’mores Latte Martini

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This week is going to be way more fun now that I have made my cocktail of the week. It is called the S’mores Latte Martini. I had way too much drinking this cocktail with whipped cream, a graham  cracker rim, and topped off with a marshmallow. The martini has been made extra special with Pinnacle® Whipped® Vodka.


There are so many awesome flavored vodkas out there that open up the world of creation and mixology for me. Every time I invite friends over, I make a new cocktail for the night. I am starting to see an excitement from my friends about what the signature cocktail might be at the parties. I know that this S’mores Latte Martini is going to be a huge hit at my next gathering.



1 Part Pinnacle® Whipped® Vodka

1 Part Kamora® Coffee  Liqueur

2 Parts Cream

Crushed Graham Crackers



Pour all liquid ingredients over ice.

Rim the Martini glass with crushed graham crackers.


Strain the martini into it.

Add whipped cream  on top.

Garnish with a marshmallow on a mini-bbq skewer.



P1050840 Smores Latte Martini

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