Chronic Sleep-related Conditions & How to Properly Understand Them

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Many sleep conditions can plague our bodies, and dealing with some of them can be really difficult. Everybody should understand them better so if we can stop ourselves from getting them, we will be much better off. Here, we will present to you some chronic sleep conditions, some of the ways they can be treated, and ways you can avoid having them. 


One of the most widespread conditions that plague the world is insomnia. This condition is truly something that you should not even wish for your worst enemy. Imagine trying to sleep at night while you do not feel like sleeping at all. You are tired, you have not slept at all for days, and you just lie in bed until you either fall asleep or until you cannot take it anymore so you stand up.

There are many reasons why this condition occurs. One of the main ones is dealing with stress. We stress our body so much that it cannot function properly. Another common reason is bad sleeping habits. This usually happens with children who stay up all night playing video games and that ruins their sleep cycle. Of course, some medical conditions do not allow people to sleep properly so in a short amount of time, they develop this condition and then have it extra hard. One of the main treatments for this condition is medicine, while cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia has also shown some good results.

Sleep apnea

Sleep apnea is also a very common condition that many people have but do not even realize. There are many risks that come with this condition; it can even affect people’s career paths. It has become questionable for many people who want to become soldiers whether they can join the military with sleep apnea because of all the risks that people with this condition have.

Some symptoms that this condition may show are loud snoring, gasping for air in the middle of the night, frequent morning headaches, and many others. The causes vary from person to person, but usually, there is a blockage of airflow. One of the main treatments for this condition is surgery, while weight loss can also be effective, among other things.


Narcolepsy is a condition where the person is sleepy during the day. This can have a huge effect on a person’s life and can cause many problems if not treated properly. Some common symptoms include sudden loss of muscle, sleepiness during the day, sleep paralysis, and others. There can be many reasons why this condition happens to some people.

Some people have it inherited genetically, while others have problems with neurotransmitters in the brain, which are in charge of our wakefulness. Also, people who have had problems with brain injuries can have this condition. Because of this condition, many people cannot properly function in their lives. They struggle to function due to their sleepiness and they are a considerable safety risk for the people around them.

There are some things these people can do to mitigate the effects of the condition. They need to take short naps during the day so that they can tackle the sleepiness. They can also take certain medications so that they can control the condition to some extent.

Restless legs syndrome

This is a condition that is not so well known to the general public, and its name is restless legs syndrome. The name should give you an indication of what the problem is when you have this condition. These restless legs usually happen during the night when we like to sleep.

They drive people crazy because they cannot sleep properly because they feel the urge to move and rub them. This condition does not just affect the people who have it; it can also affect their spouses. Many times, so that at least one of them can get some good sleep, they need to separate, which can cause problems in their relationship. The causes of this condition are usually genetics or low levels of iron in the brain. The treatments are regular exercise and medication.

Periodic Limb Movement Disorder

PLMD is a condition where one of your limbs moves for some time while you are asleep. This usually results in the person not being able to sleep properly. Much like the previous condition, treatments for this one include changing routines and taking medication.

We all need to take care of our sleep schedules since many problems can arise in the future if we do not act now. You need to be aware of these conditions so that you can control your body and avoid developing these problems. 

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