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How much fun is watching college football teams in a stylish football game outfit? When I was in college, I got decked out for game day at the stadium. Now, when I got to football games, I love to dress up too.

Of course, I don’t go to as many football games as I did when I was in college, but I love to show off my team spirit with cute football game outfits. Now, I wear my college football game outfits to the gym too.


Wearing team gear is a big conversation starter if you are looking to make friends at the gym or around town. Nothing brings a team together like a shared love for a college football team. Sometimes you share an alma mater too. I love when you find out that you had the same teacher or have mutual friends. Like I said, it is a conversation starter!

College Football Game Outfits

On Game Day, I like to wear a team shirt with jeans or shorts depending on the weather. Wear NUYU has some really cute mesh tanks that go great with high waisted jeans or shorts. Here are some of the Best Jeans for Hourglass Figure. You can also rock the team gear mesh top with NUYU yoga leggings (see more pics of them here.)


If you think you might get cold during the college football game, you might want to tie the mesh sweatshirt (get it here) around your waist. For all the Florida College Football Teams, you can actually get a custom Varsity Jacket. It is so cool! It is definitely on my wish list this year.

Wear NUYU Colleges

Do you see the college you went to? Both my alma mater’s are on the list. The University of Miami and the University of Central Florida. Where did you go to school? What college football team are you rooting for?

Team Gear at the Gym

You can wear your team gear to the gym to show off your team spirit. It might help you make friends too.

Wear NUYU sent me clothes in exchange for writing this blog post. I choose my partners very carefully and I am very excited to share these clothes with you. All opinions are my own. 

Sharing is caring!

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