Self Care Ideas for Moms

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Do you feel like you are being pulled in a million different directions? Do you feel guilty for thinking about yourself? Here are some self care ideas for moms that I use to keep my sanity.

What is Self Care?

Self care is taking time for yourself. It is putting yourself first and enjoying me time. Self Care is about loving yourself enough to invest in you so you can love others without depleting. The best thing to do to figure out what refreshes you and what depletes you. Do something that refreshes you weekly and try to avoid the depleting activities.

Self Care Ideas for Moms

Stop Judging Yourself

The weight of the world is self-inflicted as a mom. I think the best way to really take care of yourself is to avoid giving yourself a guilt trip. What you did in the past cannot be changed. You can only move forward and do the best you can.

Stop Comparing Yourself to other Moms

The second most important thing to avoid when taking care of yourself is to stop the comparison game. Don’t compare yourself or your kids. It is not fair to you or your kid. I know how easy it can be with “perfect” moms showing the best mothering on Instagram and Facebook. If you are hate watching people on social media, you can unfollow or hide them from your feed.


Practice self care by exercising. Exercise has been known to make people happier and in the long run it will make you live longer.





Read for Pleasure

Do you remember reading for pleasure? I know it has probably been a while, but sitting down and escaping into words is amazing therapeutic and a great way to practice self care.



Drink a Glass Wine

Take a moment for yourself and drink a glass of wine. I personally almost never drink at home, but sitting with a good book with a glass of wine sometimes is the perfect remedy for a long depleting week. You will love this Cherry Rosé Spritzer.

Take Baths

Take a long bath and really get into the pampering

Give Yourself a Spa Day At Home

Have a Girl’s Lunch

Go Swimming

Call an Old Friend

Spend the Day at the Spa

The best time to take a spa day is during Spa Week or Spa and Wellness Month when everything is less expensive.

Purge Clutter

Organize your house and purge the clutter. It is so freeing to get rid of clutter.

Get a Mani/Pedi

Go for a Drive with Windows Open

Listen to an Audiobook

Go to a Coffee Shop

Write for Self Care

Spend time writing and really pouring out your soul. Journaling can really help get things off your mind and on the page.

Binge Watch TV

Bake Something Pretty & Eat One

Practice Yoga

Go to The Beach with Minimal Stuff

Take some time to enjoy the ocean by going to the beach with minimal stuff.

Buy Yourself Flowers

Take an E-Course

Go to an Art Gallery

Color a Picture

Paint a Picture

Get a Blowout

Go Shopping by Yourself 

Shopping alone is extremely therapeutic for me. If you are obsessed with Mommy and Daughter matching outfits like I am, you have to check out my mom and daughter matching outfits shopping guide.


Frame Self Care Quotes

Order a Self Care Subscription Box like the Therabox, Feeling Fab, Bath Bevy, Wallflower Box, and Go Love Yourself Box.

Here is a list of boxes that are considering self care subscription boxes. Check out the list here.

Why is Self Care Important?

Self care is important because it helps have the energy to continue to be the best you can be.




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Self Care Ideas for Moms

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What do you do to take care of yourself? Do you regularly make time for yourself?


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