Common Allergen Free Snacks for Kids – No Gluten, Dairy, Soy, or Egg

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Finding common allergy-free snacks for kids can be a little stressful. Even if your child doesn’t have allergies, kids in their school might. It’s best to avoid allergens in snacks. In order to Destress my momma readers, I knew that I had to share the snacks from Nurturme.  They are free of common allergens like Gluten, Dairy, Soy, or Egg. NuturMe snacks are available in select Target stores nationwide. Find out where you can find them here. Get 15% off with this code: NMAPRILGO15.


Common Allergy Free Snacks for Kids 

My daughter absolutely loves these ancient grain cookies. I love letting her eat them because they aren’t too sweet and have great ingredients. She started by taking the box into her tent to hide the fact that she took the whole box. I told her it was ok and that she could have a few because they were good for you cookies.

Ancient Grain Cookies

The Ancient Grain cookies are free from common allergens that can upset sensitive kid’s stomached – including gluten, dairy, soy and egg. They are also super yummy and make my daughter happy.

Why Ancient Grains?

NurturMe Ancient Grains have naturally occurring nutritional benefits superior to traditional rice and other grains, including:

  • Quinoa and amaranth are naturally and hypoallergenic
  • Ancient Grain has complete protein with all essential and non-essential amino acids
  • Natural choline for brain development
  • Lysine and minerals help the body absorb calcium, build muscle and strong bones
  • Omega 3, 6, 9 fatty acids for brain and eye development
  • Natural fiber that acts as a prebiotic to assist with digestion
  • Active antioxidants for a strong immune system

Find out where to find Ancient Grain Cookies by clicking here.


Nurturme Yum-A-Roo’s

The Nurturme Yum-a-roo are pure fruits and veggies that easily dissolve. The fruits and veggies are chopped into bite-sized pieces. They contain nothing but the fruits and veggies listed on the front of the package. The banana, apple and broccoli package only has organic bananas, organic apples, and organic broccoli.

Find out where to find Nurturme Yum-A-Roo’s by clicking here.

100% Quinoa Squares

These quinoa squares are a whole grain common allergen free snack that kids will love. They are made with organic quinoa, fruits, and veggies. They are easily dissolvable puffed crackers making the snacks really easy for kids to eat.

Find out where to find 100% Quinoa Squares by clicking here.

Let me know if you know have any other recommendations for Common Allergy Free Snacks for Kids in the comments below.

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